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"He hurried over to Ron, bent down, tapped Ron's leg with his wand and muttered 'Ferula'. Bandages spun up Ron's leg, strapping it tightly to a splint."
—Remus Lupin using a healing spell[src]

A Healing spell is one of the seven known spell types, distinguished by their capacity to magically improve the physical condition of the living object — it is a branch of Healing magic. In 1996, Harry Potter allowed Nymphadora Tonks to heal his broken nose, though he had been intending to see Madam Pomfrey, whom he privately felt to be more competent with Healing spells than Tonks.[1]

Known Healing spellsEdit

  • Anapneo – spell to clear the throat of a choking victim.
  • Brackium Emendo/Ossio Dispersimus – heals brachial bones (debatable, as its usage removes said bones instead, however the occurrence in question was when Gilderoy Lockhart attempted to use it and likely mis-cast it).
  • Episkey – spell to treat mild to moderate injuries including split lips and broken noses.[1]
  • Ferula – binds and splints fractures.
  • Reparifors – heals minor magically-induced ailments like paralysis.
  • Tergeo – spell for clearing up dried blood from a bleeding wound, similar to the Scouring Charm.
  • Vulnera Sanentur – spell used to heal deep gashes like those caused by the curse Sectumsempra.[2]

Unidentified Healing spellsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Mending Charm is not meant to be used on flesh wounds, as attempting so may create serious scars.[5]


Notes and referencesEdit

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