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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J. K. Rowling

Cover artist
Publication information
Release date

21 June, 2003

  • 766 (UK)
  • 870 (US)
  • 1001 (SWE)
  • 893 (MX)
Preceded by

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Followed by

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Scholastic (US) cover of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"Well, he [Harry] has obviously been through a lot since book one, and book five was the book when he cracked up a little."
J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series. It was one of the most widely-anticipated books of the series, since there was a wait of three years between it and the previous book, Goblet of Fire. At 38 chapters, it is also the longest book in the series, having jokingly been labelled as heavier than a refrigerator (by Stephen Fry at the Royal Albert Hall event) and used as a benchmark for the size of the next two books.


To Neil, Jessica and David, who make my world magical

Book description

Harry is in his fifth year at Hogwarts School as the adventures continue. There is a door at the end of a silent corridor. And it's haunting Harry Potter's dreams. Why else would he be waking in the middle of the night, screaming in terror? Harry has a lot on his mind for this, his fifth year at Hogwarts: a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher with a personality like poisoned honey; a big surprise on the Gryffindor Quidditch team; and the looming terror of the Ordinary Wizarding Level exams. But all these things pale next to the growing threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, one that neither the magical government nor the authorities at Hogwarts can stop. As the grasp of darkness tightens, Harry must discover the true depth and strength of his friends, the importance of boundless loyalty, and the shocking price of unbearable sacrifice. His fate depends on them all. The book that took the world by storm. In his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry faces challenges at every turn, from the dark threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the unreliability of the government of the magical world to the rise of Ron Weasley as the Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fierceness of his enemies, and the meaning of sacrifice.


Chapter 1: Dudley Demented

"If it hadn't been for him, nobody would even have known Voldemort was back! And his reward was to be stuck in Little Whinging for four solid weeks, completely cut off from the magical world...""
—Harry furious with his isolation.
Books chapterart ootp 01

Harry trying to hear news about Voldemort's Return.

Harry Potter remains at his house 4 Privet Drive, living with his muggle Aunt, Uncle and cousin and severely cut off from the rest of the wizarding world. The neighbourhood is suffering from an exhausting heat wave and due to this, Harry spends the majority of his summer, out of the house, going on walks and trying to avoid his Aunt and Uncle as much as possible. He is constantly rummaging through bins for old newspapers, searching for front-page news about the return of Lord Voldemort in The Daily Prophet Press. However, nothing unusual is reported so Harry assumes that the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge is still as oblivious and in denial of Lord Voldemort's return as he was before.

After running into his cousin, Dudley Dursley and his street gang (a group of monstrous boys Dudley hangs out with when torturing little kids), on a walk, Harry confronts Dudley after his gang leaves which turns into an argument, where Dudley mocks Harry on Cedric's death, having heard Harry use that name in his sleep. Harry immediately denies it, being embarassed and when Harry takes out his wand and pretends to curse Dudley with it a cold chill comes onto the duo and Harry and Dudley are then attacked by Dementors. Harry attempts the Patronus Charm three times and is successful on the last try, and is surprised to find Mrs. Figg, his old, cat-loving neighbour, storming up the road towards the two teenagers. He tries to hide his wand, but she tells him to keep it out in case more of them show up. She was furious about Mundungus Fletcher (who was supposed to be watching Harry and disapparated from the front of 4 Privet Drive only moments earlier).

Chapter 2: A Peck of Owls

"Ministry of Magic? People like you in government? Oh, this explains everything, everything, no wonder the country's going to the dogs -"
—Uncle Vernon, about the Ministry.
Books chapterart ootp 02

Petunia receives a Howler.

While angry over the situation, Mrs. Figg explains to a surprised Harry she is actually a Squib. The two take a very ill Dudley back to Privet Drive, where Mrs. Figg mentions she was sent by Dumbledore to watch over Harry and also kept his visits to her house boring so the Dursleys would not send Harry elsewhere if he were happy. After Mundungus Fletcher shows up, Mrs. Figg scolds him for his foolish actions before sending him to inform Dumbledore of this situation so he can quickly act. Just before they part, Harry learns that Dumbledore has been keeping him under observation in order to protect him after what had happened with Voldemort last month. When Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon notice Dudley in his sickly state they fawn over him and Harry attempts to slip away, but Dudley speaks and assumes that Harry attacked him with some sort of spell since Muggles cannot see Dementors.

Before Harry can explain himself, the Ministry of Magic sends Harry a letter telling him that he's been expelled from Hogwarts for underage magic. Before Harry attempts to run away before Ministry officials would come by to destroy his wand, another letter from Arthur Weasley arrives telling Harry that Dumbledore is trying to sort this out and to stay put in his house, not surrender his wand and not to perform any more magic. As Harry is explaining that the Dementors were responsible, Petunia surprisingly shows she has some knowledge of the Dementors. A second letter from the Ministry arrives stating that Dumbledore has convinced them to set up a hearing on 12 August to decide whether or not to break Harry's wand and Harry is being placed on suspension instead of being expelled.

After Harry explains to the Dursleys about the Dementor's abilities, Vernon blames Harry and is ready to throw Harry out, as he has always yearned to do so since receiving Harry, when Petunia receives a Howler. Before she has an opportunity to open the letter, it bursts into flames, and a menacing voice says, "Remember my last, Petunia". Petunia then immediately convinces her husband to let Harry remain at Privet Drive and tells Harry that he needs to stay in his room. Harry has no idea of what's going on.

Chapter 3: The Advance Guard

Books chapterart ootp 03

The Advance Guard.

"A surprising amount of people volunteered to come and get you."
—Remus Lupin

Harry immediately writes letters to Sirius, Hermione, and Ron. After four days of being locked in his room, while dealing with his anger from the lack of response, Uncle Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley leave to attend an award ceremony for the best kept lawn in England (which was a hoax set up by Tonks to lure the Durselys away from their house) and a number of witches and wizards (auto denominated the "Advance Guard") come to rescue Harry from the Dursleys' home. They are members of the Order of the Phoenix, an elite group whose members fight Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Among them were the real Mad-Eye Moody and Remus Lupin, along with some newcomers such as Nymphadora Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Lupin reveals that their destination is a hidden place that is much safer than The Burrow. Lupin leaves a note for the Dursleys, then the entire group begins a long flight on broomsticks. After flying through the cold night, they land at their destination and Moody gives Harry a piece of parchment that mentions their headquarters 12 Grimmauld Place.

Chapter 4: Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

George Weasley: "Hello, Harry. We thought we heard your dulcet tones."
Fred Weasley: "You don't want to bottle up your anger like that, Harry, let it all out. There might be a couple of people fifty miles away who didn't hear you."
— The Weasley twins, about Harry's anger.
Books chapterart ootp 04

Shrunken house-elves heads.

They bring Harry to their headquarters 12 Grimmauld Place (London). The Weasleys, Hermione Granger, and Harry’s godfather Sirius Black are there. While the Order of the Phoenix, are having a meeting Mrs. Weasley takes Harry to the room where Ron and Hermione are before heading back. Harry converses with Hermione and Ron and learns to his ire that Dumbledore was the reason he had no contact from his friends all summer, though Ron and Hermione were uncomfortable with this knowing how Harry would feel. They comfort Harry by explaining that they haven't been let in on everything that has been going on either since they are too young and have mostly been working on cleaning up the house as no one has lived there for years. Fred and George then appear magically through Apparition, revealing to Harry they passed their test, followed by Ginny walking into the room and tells the twins it is now pointless for them to spy on the meetings anymore. The Weasley children reveal besides Severus Snape who has joined the Order, Bill and Charlie have also joined and Bill has moved back to England to be closer to the family and has been teaching the former Triwizard champion Fleur Delacour who has also been working at Gringotts proper English, while Charlie has been given the task of recruiting foreign wizards to their cause.

As for Percy, the Weasley children sadly reveal he has deserted their family after he and Arthur had a fight over Percy's recent promotion to Cornelius Fudge's Junior Assistant. Having denied his father's claims that Fudge is using him, with his unwavering loyalty to the Ministry, Percy has moved away breaking off contact in the process, even after a depressed Molly Weasley tried to straighten things out. Harry also learns that the Ministry has been using the Daily Prophet to build on what Rita Skeeter started and is portraying Harry as some "Attention-seeking liar". Hermione also reveals there has been no articles on the Dementor attack or Harry's hearing, since the Ministry is likely waiting until the hearing is over before reporting on the likelihood of Harry being expelled. After being called down for dinner, Tonks accidentally trips on an umbrella stand which causes too much noise, and the portrait of a woman responds with strong cursing. While helping on closing the curtains, Sirius shows up and reveals the woman in the portrait is his mother.

Chapter 5: The Order of the Phoenix

Books chapterart ootp 05

Dinner is served at Order's Headquarters.

"The Order is comprised only of overage wizards. Wizards who have left school,' he added, as Fred and George opened their mouths. 'There are dangers involved of which you can have no idea, any of you…"
—Remus Lupin
Sirius explains to Harry that Number 12, Grimmauld Place is the Black Familys' ancestral home and that he inherited it upon his mother's death. While they are setting up for dinner, Sirius reveals that compared to Harry, he has been confined in the house for a month since he is still a wanted criminal and that Voldemort and the Death Eaters would know he is an Animagus by now due to Wormtail informing them which makes him almost useless to the Order. Fred and George almost stab Sirius hand when they sent a cauldron of stew, an iron flagon of butterbeer and a breadboard with a knife to the table and the knife slipped off, which infuriates their parents as they have been using their magic irresponsibly ever since they came of age. They then have dinner, with numerous conversations go around, with Bill mentioning to his father and Lupin that the Goblins won't join their side due to what happened with Ludo Bagman and Mundungus Fletcher mentioning his business dealings before Molly asks him to stop. After dinner, Sirius tries to tell Harry about the last events and about their plans, but Molly keeps saying that Harry is too young and that Dumbledore told them not to tell Harry "more than he needs to know". After the two argue about it, Molly reluctantly allows Harry and everyone but Ginny to stay and listen.

Harry learns that Voldemort is keeping a low profile and is building an army. Though Harry managed to escape during Voldemort's rebirth, allowing for Dumbledore to reactivate the Order of the Phoenix, it is difficult for them to convince as many people on what has happened because of the Ministry and Fudge's position, since Fudge believes that Dumbledore is after his job since his fears make it easier for him to believe that, rather than admit Voldemort is back which would end the last 14 years of peace. Another reason the Order is having trouble with finding allies are due to various reasons regarding their credibility, since Sirius is a wanted murderer, Lupin is a werewolf, and the members that work for the Ministry would lose their jobs since Fudge is willing to sack anyone who are not loyal to him. Fudge has also been trying to discredit Dumbledore's reputation to prevent him from spreading the information and is having the Daily Prophet cover up any news related to this. Sirius attempts to mention that Voldemort is trying to retrieve a "weapon...something he didn't have last time", before Molly and Lupin ask him to stop and they then send the kids off to bed.

Chapter 6: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Books chapterart ootp 06


"He got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do and tried to back out."
—Sirius, about his brother, Regulus Black.

After Harry and Ron head into their room, Fred and George apparate inside where the four briefly discuss their speculation on what Voldemort might be seeking before Molly's footsteps convince the twins they have to get back to their own room. The next day while helping with the cleaning of the house with the Mrs. Weasley and the other children, Harry talks in secret with Fred and George and learns their Joke Shop plans are booming thanks to the money he gave them and while Molly is busy arguing with Mundungus Fletcher in another room, Harry meets Kreacher, the domestic-elf of the House of Black. He is always cursing and muttering bad words, on occasion calling Hermione a mudblood and then insulting Sirius for betraying his mother's trust after Sirius arrives before Kreacher heads to another room. Harry notices an old tapestry, that Sirius sarcastically explains is the "Noble and Most Ancient House of Black" family tree. Sirius reveals that he was disowned by his family at the age of 16 and lived with Harry's father James and his parents before his uncle who was disowned as well left him some money for Sirius to live on his own.

Sirius mentions to Harry about his younger brother Regulus Black, who was more obedient to their parents wishes had been a Death Eater. Sirius explains that his family was all for the purification of the wizarding race, getting rid of Muggle-borns and having pure-bloods in charge, and while not all of them were Death Eaters, they agreed with Voldemort's ideals, and Sirius mentions his brother was killed, presumably for attempting to abandon the Death Eaters. After Molly calls them down for lunch, Harry stays with Sirius and Sirius explains more about his family. Harry then is surprised to know that Sirius is related to the Malfoys through Lucius's wife Narcissa, and he also learns that Tonk's mother Andromeda is his cousin that was also disowned, and both she and Narcissa had a sister Bellatrix who was the same woman Harry saw in Dumbledore's Pensieve during Barty Crouch Jr.'s trial that was sent to Azkaban.

Sirius then mentions his parents home is only being used as the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters due to the protective enchantments his father put on it years ago and the additional security measures that Dumbledore set up which is why he had to put up with moving back in. After several days of more cleaning, on the night before Harry's hearing, Molly mentions that Arthur will be escorting him to the Ministry on his way to work.

Books chapterart ootp 07

Fountain near the entrance to the Ministry.

Chapter 7: The Ministry of Magic

"If I'm not expelled from Hogwarts, I'll put in ten Galleons"
—Harry, promising to put coins on the Fountain of Magical Brethren.

Arthur Weasley escorts Harry to the Ministry for his disciplinary hearing. Harry was very nervous, he feared the possibility of being expelled from Hogwarts. Mr. Weasley's co-worker, Perkins, runs in announcing that the hearing's time and location has been changed, and Harry is already late. The new location is in old Courtroom 10 in the Ministry's basement. The lift does not descend that far, so Harry and Mr. Weasley race down the stairs. Just outside the courtroom, Mr. Weasley stops, telling Harry that he must face the hearing alone.

Books chapterart ootp 08

Harry at his disciplinary hearing.

Chapter 8: The Hearing

"Oh, I don't think any of us believe the Dementors were there by coincidence."
—Dumbledore, at Harry's hearing.

Cornelius Fudge is acting as the head of the Wizengamot, and Harry is surprised to see Percy Weasley as the scribe. He is cleared of all charges after testimony from Dumbledore, and from the Squib down the street, Mrs. Figg, who confirms that the Dementors attacked Harry and Dudley. Harry turns to thank Dumbledore, but the Headmaster is already leaving the courtroom.

Books chapterart ootp 09

Hermione and Ron's Prefect Badges.

Chapter 9: The Woes of Mrs Weasley

Molly Weasley: "I don't believe it! I don't believe it! Oh, Ron, how wonderful! A prefect! That's everyone in the family!"
George Weasley: "What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?"
— Molly Weasley, praising Ron.

Back to Grimmauld Place, everybody celebrated the acquittal of Harry. Later, the children receive their Hogwarts' Letters and Ron and Hermione are named prefects.

Molly Weasley prepared a dinner party to the new prefects, and after the party she went upstairs to get rid of a Boggart. However, the sight of her worst fears (all her family members and Harry dead) was too much; she started to cry and wonder about the future of her loved ones.

Chapter 10: Luna Lovegood

"The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she had stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of butterbeer caps, or that she was reading a magazine upside down."
—Description of Luna.
Books chapterart ootp 10

Luna Lovegood reading the Quibbler.

After Harry, Ron and Hermione have taken the train to Hogsmeade station and are just about to board the carriages that escort most of the students to Hogwarts (excempting the first-years, who cross the lake in boats), Harry notices that the carriages are being pulled by some sort of winged horses. He points them out to Ron and Hermione, but they cannot see them, and act worried when he insists that they are right there. Another girl who travelled in their train compartment, Luna Lovegood, says that she can see them, and in fact could see them ever since she first came to Hogwarts. Harry is mystified, since he couldn't see them when he first came, but he can see them now.

Books chapterart ootp 11

The singing Sorting Hat.

Chapter 11: The Sorting Hat's New Song

"I'll tell you what it means. It means the Ministry's interfering at Hogwarts."
—Hermione, about Dolores Umbridge.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione arrive at the school, on the start-of-term feast, the Sorting Hat gives warning in its new song and they are surprised to hear that Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister (and who was at Harry's hearing) is the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Umbridge gives a speech and Hermione says that the Ministry is looking to meddle with Hogwarts. Harry learns that not everyone believes that Voldemort is back, when he argues with Seamus Finnigan. Harry wonders how many fights he will put up with until everyone realizes that Voldemort is back.

Books chapterart ootp 12

Dolores Umbridge.

Chapter 12: Professor Umbridge

"As I was saying, you have been informed that a certain Dark wizard is at large once again. This is a lie"
—Professor Umbridge, about Voldemort's Return.

During their first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson they discover that Umbridge refuses to teach real defence methods and that they will not be performing any spells, only learning Ministry-approved theory (learning in a "risk-free way"). Harry has an outburst in Defense Against the Dark Arts when Professor Umbridge rebuts his attempts to convince her that Voldemort has returned as a lie. Umbridge assigns him detention for a week.

Books chapterart ootp 13

Harry using the "Blood Quill".

Chapter 13: Detention with Dolores

"This is your punishment for spreading evil, nasty, attention‐seeking stories, Mr Potter."
—Umbride about Harry's detention.
Teachers are briefing students about upcoming Ordinary Wizarding Levels exams and giving then a lot of homework. Hagrid is still missing, and his class is taken over by Professor Grubbly-Plank.

Due to Harry's telling the truth about Lord Voldemort's return in Professor Umbridge's first DADA lesson, she gives him detention every day for a week, in which she makes him write out "I must not tell lies" many times in his own blood. Later in the week, Ron is chosen as Keeper of the Griffindor Quidditch Team.

Books chapterart ootp 14

Sirius Black appears at Griffindor's Fireplace

Chapter 14: Percy and Padfoot

"That's exactly what [Fudge] thinks you're doing or rather, that's exactly what he's afraid Dumbledore's doing - forming his own private army, with which he will be able to take on the Ministry of Magic."
—Sirius, about the Minister of Magic.

Harry writes a letter to Sirius telling him about his detention. Later, Ron receives a letter from Percy, his brother congratulates him on becoming a prefect and urging him to stop associating with Harry, whom he felt was a bad influence, as well as believing that his family would one day realise their mistake for believing Dumbledore and apologise to him. Ron found the letter extremely offensive. He tore it up and threw it into the fire. After reading the letter Harry thought he had never felt more like his godfather Sirius Black who the wizarding world at large still considered a mass murderer.

Books chapterart ootp 15

The Hogwarts High Inquisitor.

Chapter 15: The Hogwarts High Inquisitor

Dolores Umbridge: "...none of [your previous teachers] ‐ with the possible exception of Professor Quirrell, ...would have passed a Ministry inspection."
Harry Potter: "Yeah, Quirrell was a great teacher, there was just that minor drawback of him having Lord Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head."
— Harry and Umbridge, during a DADA class.

It becomes clear Umbridge is really there to spy on and take control of the school and is soon appointed High Inquisitor, arbitrarily imposing rules and regulations (known as "Educational Decrees"). She also harbours racial hatred for "half-breeds", such as centaurs, werewolves and similar creatures. Umbridge starts to observe the professors in class, where she apparently intends to evaluate all teachers.

Books chapterart ootp 16

Hog's Head Board.

Chapter 16: In The Hog's Head

"..but you know, this is rather important, weʹre talking about learning to defend ourselves against V‐Voldemortʹs Death Eaters."
—Hermione Granger, about the meetings.

Hermione convinces Harry to secretly teach students Defense Against the Dark Arts. Though at first reluctant, Harry finally accepts. They hold a meeting at the Hog's Head to discuss with other students the possibility of Harry giving them Defense lessons. Harry is stunned at how many there are: Neville, Dean, Lavender, Parvati and Padma Patil, Cho and her friend who Harry did not recognize, Luna Lovegood, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson, Colin and Dennis Creevey, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Anthony Goldstein, Michael Corner, Terry Boot, Ginny, a Hufflepuff Quidditch team member (later identified as Zacharias Smith), Fred and George, and Lee Jordan. Harry has only agreed to teach defensive magic. At the end of the meeting Hermione has everyone sign a piece of parchment, which is an agreement to keep the group secret.

Books chapterart ootp 17

Umbridge trying to catch Sirius in the fireplace.

Chapter 17: Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four

""Does this mean they're going to shut down the Gobstones club?" "
—Second year, upon seeing the decree.

After hearing about the defensive magic organisation, Dolores Umbridge used her power as Hogwarts High Inquisitor to pass this Educational Decree, which forbade the regular meeting of three or more students, like Student Organizations, Societies, Teams, Groups, and Clubs, without the High Inquisitor's consent. Any student found to be in noncompliance of the Decree was to be expelled immediately.

Chapter 18: Dumbledore's Army

"Yeah, the DA's good. Only let's make it stand for Dumbledore's Army, because that's the Ministry's worst fear, isn't it?"
—Ginny, about the name of the group.
Books chapterart ootp 18

Dobby with his many hats.

Despite the prohibition, they name their clandestine group "Dumbledore's Army", or D.A. for short, to mock the Ministry of Magic, which fears Dumbledore is creating a secret wizard army. Harry assured all the 25 members that the meetings would go ahead once an ideal location was found. They would just need to be careful. Soon, Harry was told about the Room of Requirement by the house-elf Dobby. For the safety of the group, Hermione bewitched several coins with a Protean Charm , one for each member of the D.A. When activated by Harry, the numbers on each coin would change to inform the bearer of the time and date of the next meeting. In the D.A. meetings, Harry started them off slowly, practicing the Disarming Charm. The class progressed at a fair rate, practicing the Impediment Jinx , the Reductor Curse , and the Stunning Spell.

Chapter 19: The Lion and the Serpent

Books chapterart ootp 19

Luna Lovegood wearing her Lion Hat.

"Even Fred had said that Ron might yet make him and George proud, and that they were seriously considering admitting that he was related to them, something he assured Ron they had been trying to deny for years."
—Fred and George about Ron.

Gryffindor Quidditch team began their season with a victory against Slytherin, despite the fact that Ron was very nervous and didn't play well, it made the Slytherins mock him singing a song. Shortly after the match, Draco Malfoy insulted and provoked Fred and George Weasley and Harry Potter. Harry and George promptly attacked him, but all three had their broomsticks confiscated and were banned from Quidditch for life by Dolores Umbridge, then-High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. They were replaced by Andrew Kirke, Jack Sloper, and Ginny Weasley, respectively.

Books chapterart ootp 20

Hagrid using a steak to heal his injuries.

Chapter 20: Hagrid's Tale

Ron Weasley: "Where are [the giants]?"
Hagrid: "Mountains."
Ron Weasley: "So why donʹt Muggles ‐?"
Hagrid: "They do. Onʹy their deaths are always put down ter mountaineerinʹ accidents, arenʹ they?"
— Hagrid telling the trio about the giants.

About halfway through the school year, Hagrid returned from his mission for Dumbledore badly injured. Harry, Ron and Hermione visit him and Hagrid tell them about his unlucky negotiations with the giants. Hagrid resumed his teaching post, beginning with a lesson about Thestrals.

Books chapterart ootp 21

The eyes of a Thestral in the forest.

Chapter 21: The Eye of the Snake

Harry Potter: "Your dad! Heʹs been bitten, itʹs serious, there was blood everywhere…"
Ron Weasley: "Harry, mate, you… you were just dreaming…"
Harry Potter: "No! It wasnʹt a dream… not an ordinary dream… I was there, I saw it… I did it…"
— Harry telling Ron about the dream.

Hagrid returns to his class and he is observed by Umbridge while teaching about Threstals. Harry is expelled from Quidditch by Umbridge and Ginny Weasley replaces him as Gryffindor's Seeker.

Harry has disturbing dreams about running down a hallway and attempting to open a door in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries, but being unable to. Then one night he dreams that he is a snake attacking Ron's father. He awakens in a panic and tells others, who indeed find Mr. Weasley at the Ministry, suffering from severe venomous snake bites.

Books chapterart ootp 22

Chapter 22 picture.

Chapter 22: St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

"Your father knew what he was getting into, and he won't thank you for messing things up for the Order!" said Sirius angrily in his turn. "This is how it is - this is why you're not in the Order - you don't understand - there are things worth dying for!"
—Sirius, to Fred and George.

Critically injured, Arthur was taken to St Mungo's. He survived the attack, but was required to take a Blood-Replenishing Potion at regular intervals. He shared the ward with a man who had been bitten by a werewolf and a woman with a massive chunk out of her leg who refused to tell the Healers what had bitten her arousing suspicions she had been handling something illegal.

Chapter 23: Christmas on the Closed Ward

Books chapterart ootp 23

Christmas at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.

Harry Potter: "I didn't want anyone to talk to me."
Ginny Weasley: "Well, that was a bit stupid of you, seeing as how you don't know anyone but me who's been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels."
— Ginny talking to Harry.

Hermione joins Harry and the Weasleys at Grimmauld Place for Christmas, and Percy sends back his Weasley sweater, which makes his mother very sad. Hermione, Ron and Ginny Weasley discover that Neville Longbottom 's parents are insane and living at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. They also see their former DADA professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry finally says that he knew what happened to Neville's parents.

Books chapterart ootp 24

Severus Snape and Sirius Black having an argument.

Chapter 24: Occlumency

"You have no subtlety, Potter. You do not understand fine distinctions. It is one of the shortcomings that makes you such a lamentable potion-maker."
—Snape, to Harry.

After the holidays, Harry and the Weasleys return to Hogwarts. Harry fears he is being possessed by Voldemort. In response, Dumbledore has Snape teach Harry Occlumency to block his mind from intrusion. During the class Harry sees the dark corridor in the Department of Mysteries that he often dreams about.

Books chapterart ootp 25

Harry and Cho dating at Madam Puddifoot's.

Chapter 25: The Beetle at Bay

Ron Weasley: "He used to be a Death Eater. And weʹve never seen proof that he really swapped sides."
Hermione Granger: "Dumbledore trusts him. And if we canʹt trust Dumbledore, we canʹt trust anyone."
— Hermione and Ron, about Snape.

Due to high number of students who are sceptical to Voldemort's return, Hermione blackmails journalist (and unregistered Animagus) Rita Skeeter into writing a favourable article about Harry witnessing Voldemort's return. Ravenclaw student Luna Lovegood, a close friend of Ginny Weasley, arranges with her father to publish the story in his paper, The Quibbler. Furious, Umbridge bans the tabloid from the school and strips Harry of his Hogsmeade visitation rights, but the story spreads rapidly, gathering support for Harry. Many in the wizarding community also now begin to believe Harry.

Books chapterart ootp 26

Chapter 26 picture "Seen and Unforeseen"

Chapter 26: Seen and Unforeseen

"You are quite right, of course, Professor Umbridge. As High Inquisitor you have every right to dismiss my teachers. You do not, however, have the authority to send them away from the castle. I am afraid,ʹ he went on, with a courteous little bow, that the power to do that still resides with the Headmaster, and it is my wish that Professor Trelawney continue to live at Hogwarts."
—Dumbledore, to Umbridge.

Umbridge considers Rubeus Hagrid (a half-giant ) and Sybill Trelawney incompetent, and sacks Trelawney. Although Dumbledore is unable to prevent Trelawney's dismissal, he invokes his authority to allow her to remain in the castle and appoints a new Divination teacher - a centaur, Firenze, much to Umbridge's disgust due to her hatred for half-breeds.

Books chapterart ootp 27

Firenze teaching Divination.

Chapter 27: The Centaur and the Sneak

"You seem to be labouring under the delusion that I am going to - what is the phrase? 'Come quietly.' I am afraid I am not going to come quietly at all, Cornelius. I have absolutely no intention of being sent to Azkaban. I could break out, of course - but what a waste of time, and frankly, I can think of a whole host of things I would rather be doing."
—Dumbledore, about going to Azkaban

When Umbridge uncovers the group's meetings, which was due to Cho Chang's friend Marietta Edgecombe, Dumbledore claims that he organised it. Confronted by two Aurors John Dawlish and Kingsley Shacklebolt (who was not loyal to the Ministry, but to Dumbledore), Minister Fudge, and Umbridge, Dumbledore easily disables them and is spectacularly whisked away by his phoenix, Fawkes.

Books chapterart ootp 28

Harry looking at Severus Snape's Pensieve.

Chapter 28: Snape's Worst Memory

"What was making Harry feel so horrified and unhappy was not being shouted at or having jars thrown at him - it was that he knew how it felt to be humiliated in the middle of a circle of onlookers, knew exactly how Snape had felt as his father had taunted him, and that judging from what he had just seen, his father had been every bit as arrogant as Snape had always told him."
—Harry, about Snape's memories.

Umbridge is appointed Headmistress and imposes even tighter control. Fed up, the Weasley twins instigate a revolt, causing mayhem throughout the school while the staff pointedly do nothing to help Umbridge regain control.

During one of the Occlumency lessons Harry uncovered the source behind Snape's hatred for his father, when he went into Dumbledore's Pensieve (borrowed by Snape) and saw into his memories of being bullied by James and the breaking up of Snape and his mother's friendship. However, this cause an angry Snape to end their lessons prematurely.

Books chapterart ootp 29

The Weasley twins flying away from Hogwarts.

Chapter 29: Careers Advice

"Potter. I will assist you to become an Auror if it is the last thing I do! If I have to coach you nightly I will make sure you achieve the required results!"
—McGonagall, to Harry and Umbridge.

Harry and the other 5th years are getting ready to begin the sessions on the advice of what they'll need to do to prepare for the careers they'll pursue after graduation. Before that, Harry wishes to learn more about what happened at Hogwarts during his father's time and decides to contact Sirius and Lupin at Grimmauld Place to talk about their treatment of Snape. After going through an interrogation with Umbridge regarding Dumbledore and Sirius Black's whereabouts, Harry learns the Floo Network connection in her fireplace is not being monitored like the others are by the Ministry.

Under Fred and George's advice, Harry decides to sneak into Umbridge's office and use her fireplace while they'll distract her. Harry is able to talk with Lupin and Sirius abit before he has to pull back due to the twins being caught. This marks the end of Fred and George's magical education, who now opt to move into their magical tricks and joke shop in Diagon Alley, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and fly away from Hogwarts.

During Harry Potter's career advice session with Professor McGonagall, he tells her that he wants to be an Auror. Suddenly they were rudely interrupted by the then-headmistress, Dolores Umbridge, she remarks against Harry's ambition of being an Auror. The meeting ended up with Professor McGonagall supporting Harry, and having a screaming argument against Umbridge.

Books chapterart ootp 30

Grawp tied in the Forbidden Forest.

Chapter 30: Grawp

Hagrid: "They were bullyin' him, Hermione, 'cause he's so small!"
Hermione: "Small? Small?"
Hagrid: "Hermione, I couldn't leave him. See - he's my brother!"
— Hagrid, about Grawp.

As Ron Weasley is playing in Gryffindor's championship Quidditch match, Harry and Hermione are whisked away by Hagrid to introduce his half-brother Grawp. Reasoning that it is only a matter of time before he is driven out of Hogwarts by Umbridge now that Dumbledore is gone, Hagrid wants them to take care of Grawp in his stead once this happens. When the centaurs show up, Harry and Hermione learn that due to Firenze becoming the Divination teacher as well as Grawp's presence in the Forbidden Forest, this has made them very angry and they make it clear to Hagrid that their patience is running thin to where they wouldn't hesitate to attack any human that enters their forest.

Books chapterart ootp 31

Harry and Hermione attending the Astronomy practical exam.

Chapter 31: O.W.L.s

"[Ron] made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in his crystal ball, only to look up and realize he had been describing his examiner's reflection."
—Ron's Divination O.W.L exam.

Harry and his fellow 5th years begin going through their O.W.L. examination. Also during the night, Umbridge, acting under the cover of darkness to avoid turning it into another debate for what happened with Sybill Trelawney earlier has several Aurors work on evicting Rubeus Hagrid from Hogwarts. As a result Hagrid is able to resist their spells and Minerva McGonagall is injured when protesting against the use of this excessive force against Hagrid. Hagrid is able to escape and McGonagall is sent to St. Mungos.

Books chapterart ootp 32

Harry talking with Kreacher by the Floo Network.

Chapter 32: Out of the Fire

"The Cruciatus Curse ought to loosen your tongue."
—Umbridge, to Harry.

Harry receives a vision that Sirius is being tortured at the Department of Mysteries, although Hermione suspects it may be a trap. Harry desperately attempts to contact Sirius at Grimmauld Place via the Floo Network in Umbridge's office fireplace once again, but this time he is caught.

Books chapterart ootp 33

Hermione leading Harry and Umbridge into the forest.

Chapter 33: Fight and Flight

""The Ministry places a rather higher value on my life than yours, I'm afraid."
—Umbridge, to Harry.

Umbridge reveals it was she who sent the Dementors to attack Harry during the summer. As she is about to use the Cruciatus Curse on him, Hermione claims that Dumbledore has hidden a powerful weapon in the Forbidden Forest. She leads Harry and Umbridge into the forest where they encounter centaurs. The Skirmish in the Forbidden Forest ensues, and Umbridge foolishly insults them and an angry centaur picks up Umbridge and carries her off screaming into the woods. When Hagrid's giant half-brother, Grawp crashes onto the scene, Hermione and Harry escape amid the chaos.

Harry, Ron and Hermione, along with Luna, Ginny and Neville fly to the Ministry of Magic on the school's Thestrals, unaware they are being lured into a trap.

Books chapterart ootp 34

Harry holding the glass sphere which contains the prophecy.

Chapter 34: The Department of Mysteries

"Very good, Potter. Now turn around, nice and slowly, and give that to me."
—Lucius Malfoy, to Harry.

When they arrive at the Department of Mysteries, they are ambushed by Death Eaters. Voldemort seeks a prophecy contained in a glass sphere there and needs Harry to retrieve it for him. All of the six students heroically fight the many Death Eaters, but they are dangerously outmatched.

Books chapterart ootp 35

The glass tank with brains.

Chapter 35: Beyond the Veil

"And Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather's wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind and then fell back into place."
—Sirius death.

The group is nearly defeated, but Order members suddenly arrive to help them. During the ensuing battle, the glass sphere is shattered and the prophecy lost. Sirius is blasted with a spell by his Death Eater cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, and falling backwards, disappears through a mysterious veiled archway. Remus Lupin restrains Harry, who wants to follow and rescue Sirius, telling him that Sirius is dead.

Books chapterart ootp 36

Dumbledore and Voldemort duelling.

Chapter 36: The Only One He Ever Feared

"Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness"
—Dumbledore, to Voldemort.

Dumbledore arrives and the Death Eaters, except for Bellatrix Lestrange, are captured. Lord Voldemort appears and duels with Dumbledore. After fighting the old hero to a stalemate, he attempts to possess Harry in the hope that Dumbledore will kill Harry, seeking to drive Voldemort out. However, Harry is too full of grief for the death of Sirius, or love, and Voldemort cannot reside in Harry's soul without suffering unendurable pain. Ministry of Magic employees arrive in time to see the Dark Lord before he disapparates, taking Bellatrix with him. Cornelius Fudge finally admits Voldemort has returned and Harry's interview with Rita Skeeter is reprinted in the Daily Prophet.

Chapter 37: The Lost Prophecy

"Because you are not nearly as angry with me as you ought to be. If you are to attack me, as I know you are close to doing, I would like to have thoroughly earned it."
—Dumbledore, to Harry.
Books chapterart ootp 37

Dumbledore explaining the Prophecy to Harry.

Later, Dumbledore apologises to Harry for withholding information over the past year. He reveals the lost prophecy, for it was to him that it was first told:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ...

Dumbledore also reveals that, due to when the boy was predicted to be born, Neville Longbottom could also have been the child in the prophecy. Dumbledore believes Voldemort chose to attack Harry because he is a half-blood like himself; Neville is a pureblood. In so doing, the Dark Lord marked Harry as his equal; therefore, there is no doubt that the prophecy relates to anyone but Harry. Dumbledore also reveals to Harry that he never chose him as a prefect because Dumbledore thought that Harry "had enough responsibility to be going on with (in other words, Dumbledore felt that Harry already had too much on his mind)."

Books chapterart ootp 38

Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks and Lupin waiting for Harry at King's Cross.

Chapter 38: The Second War Begins

Vernon Dursley: "Are you threatening me, sir?"
Alastor Moody: "Yes, I am."
— Moody, to Uncle Vernon.

While packing, Harry sees the Two-way mirror that Sirius gave him, and try to call his godfather, but he sees nothing. Then suddenly he has the idea to talk to Nearly Headless Nick , and ask him if Sirius could come back as a ghost. Nick says that Sirius is not the kind of wizard who would do that, which leaves Harry disappointed and sad. Later, at King's Cross Station, Harry is surprised to find that Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks and Lupin were at King's Cross Station to greet him and talk with the Dursleys to treat him better this summer. Ron and Hermione say goodbye to Harry with the promise that they will meet very soon.

List of Deaths

Character Killed By Cause Of Death Circumstances
Luna Lovegood's Mother Herself (accidentally) Her own spell backfired Luna Lovegood witnessed her death
Broderick Bode Walden Macnair Devil's Snare St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Sirius Black Bellatrix Lestrange Falling through Veil from Avada Kedavra Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Sirius Black


Winners Defeated Outcome Place Fight/Duel happened
Harry Potter Dementors Dementors are repelled Little Whinging
Albus Dumbledore Cornelius Fudge, Kingsley Shacklebolt, John Dawlish and Dolores Umbridge Dumbledore easily defeats all four of them and escapes Headmaster's office
Rubeus Hagrid and Minerva McGonagall Dolores Umbridge and helpers Hagrid defeats all his attackers except Umbridge and escapes with a stunned Fang Hogwarts grounds
Centaurs and Grawp Dolores Umbridge Umbridge is captured by centaurs Forbidden Forest
Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom Inquisitorial Squad Squad is left in ruins Umbridge's office
Death Eaters Dumbledore's Army members at Ministry Students forced to separate Ministry of Magic
Antonin Dolohov Harry, Neville, and Hermione Hermione is nearly killed, Neville's nose and wand are broken
Death Eaters Luna, Ron and Ginny Ginny breaks her ankle, Ron is extremely confused
Harry and Luna Luna is knocked out and the Death Eaters get in Death Chamber
Order of the Phoenix Death Eaters Breaks down into single fights
Bellatrix Lestrange Nymphadora Tonks Tonks is nearly killed
Kingsley Shacklebolt Two Death Eaters Kingsley presumably won
Antonin Dolohov Mad-Eye Moody Moody is knocked out
Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter Death Eater Death Eater is knocked out
Harry Potter and Sirius Black Antonin Dolohov Harry and Sirius win
Remus Lupin Lucius Malfoy Remus presumably won as he is later unhurt and able to prevent Harry from running into the Veil of Death after Sirius
Albus Dumbledore Death Eaters Death Eaters are rounded up
Bellatrix Lestrange Sirius Black Bellatrix kills Sirius
Kingsley Shacklebolt Bellatrix causes Kingsley great pain
Albus Dumbledore Bellatrix escapes out of the room
Harry Potter Bellatrix taunts him then Voldemort arrives Atrium
Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange Voldemort and Bellatrix flee


Behind the scenes/errors

  • In the chapter 6, a nest of dead puffskeins is discovered in 12 Grimmauld Place under a sofa. But, according to some information, it's impossible because the puffskeins are too big for going under a sofa, and making nests.
  • The phone number to get into the Ministry of Magic is 62442 which can be used to spell "magic" on a mobile phone.
  • When the group of students arrive at the Hog's Head for the first Dumbledore's Army meeting, Fred and George Weasley arrive last, but then Fred jumps to the front of the group to reach the barman first.
  • Harry and Cho have a date on Valentine's Day to Hogsmeade, where the students are allowed to go on certain weekends. February 14th, 1996 was a Wednesday, however. There should not have been a Hogsmeade visit on Valentine's Day.
  • When Cho is talking about Quidditch to Harry, she says something like "Remember the first time we played together, in the third year?" However, Cho is one year older than Harry, and therefore could not have been in the same year. She however could have been referring to how it was their third year of playing Quidditch for their respective teams. Wood also mentions to Harry (during his third year) that Cho is "a fourth-year and... pretty good."
  • When Umbridge is inspecting Snape and Harry's potion is ruined, Snape gives him a zero and an essay to write on what he did wrong. Harry then says that he had Quidditch practice, however just that morning Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four had been enforced and the Gryffindor Quidditch team had not been approved yet, although he hadn't realised that Quidditch teams were included in the Decree too.
  • When Umbridge first puts Harry in detention she says at five o'clock, in her office. On the following day, when Harry goes to detention, the book says that he went to dinner before then, which means that dinner at Hogwarts starts at least at half past four, which is unlikely. However, dinner isn't always referred to as the 'last meal of the day.'
  • When Harry meets the potential D.A. members in the Hog's Head, Dennis Creevey is present. He would have only been in second year at the time, however, and thus forbidden from coming to Hogsmeade. Dennis may have sneaked in against the rules, however.
  • In an error unique to the U.S. audiobook editions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Harry first arrives at 12 Grimmauld Place following his vision of the attack on Arthur Weasley, the line "Back again, the blood-traitor brats! Is it true their father's dying?" is rendered in the loud, screechy voice of Sirius Black's mother. Based on context clues, however, particularly the fact that this line is immediately followed by Sirius shouting "Out!" and Kreacher shuffling out of the room, it seems clear that it was actually Kreacher that uttered the insults and not Mrs. Black.
  • When Malfoy joins the Inquisitorial Squad he docks points from Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ernie Macmillan. Not knowing that Malfoy is on the Inquisitorial Squad, Ernie says "It's only teachers who can dock points from houses," but in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Percy, as prefect, takes five points from Gryffindor, but he may have just been bluffing. (This was fixed in later editions - Ernie then says that only teachers can dock points from prefects.)

Film adaptation

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released on Wednesday 11 July, 2007. It was 2 hours and 18 minutes long and marked as one of the shortest Harry Potter film released, even though it is the longest book in the series.

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