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The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire original motion picture soundtrack was released on 15 November 2005. The film's score was not composed by John Williams as were the previous three films, but by Patrick Doyle. This was done because Williams reported having certain schedule problems, as he scored music for 2005's Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Steven Spielberg's remake of War of the Worlds. The music was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, and included three main new themes: one to represent the Triwizard Tournament, one to represent Voldemort, and one to represent Harry Potter that also appears in "The Death of Cedric".

Track listing

  1. "The Story Continues" - 1:31
  2. "Frank Dies" - 2:12
  3. "The Quidditch World Cup" - 1:52
  4. "The Dark Mark" - 3:27
  5. "Foreign Visitors Arrive" - 1:30
  6. "The Goblet of Fire" - 3:23
  7. "Rita Skeeter" - 1:43
  8. "Sirius Fire" - 2:00
  9. "Harry Sees Dragons" - 1:54
  10. "Golden Egg" - 6:11
  11. "Neville's Waltz" - 2:11
  12. "Harry in Winter" - 2:56
  13. "Potter Waltz" - 2:19
  14. "Underwater Secrets"[1][2] - 2:28
  15. "The Black Lake" - 4:38
  16. "Hogwarts' March" - 2:47
  17. "The Maze" - 4:44
  18. "Voldemort" - 9:39
  19. "Death of Cedric" - 1:59
  20. "Another Year Ends" - 2:21
  21. "Hogwarts' Hymn" - 2:59
  22. "Do the Hippogriff"[3] - 3:39
  23. "This Is the Night"[3] - 3:24
  24. "Magic Works"[3] - 4:02

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  1. This track is by Abigail Doyle, who sings the mermaid's riddle.
  2. This track also features lyrics unheard in the movie, but they were featured in the book.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Tracks 22-24 were not composed by Patrick Doyle. These are the songs played during the Yule Ball scene when The Weird Sisters band came out and played. "Do the Hippogriff" was composed by Jarvis Cocker and Jason Buckle, while "This Is the Night" and "Magic Works" were composed by Cocker. The Yule Ball theme comes from Symphony No. 3 by Samuel Wesley
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