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Harry Potter Online Sandbox Style RPG

Ever Play Bully: Scholarship Edition?

If not, you should, and then you will get the same Idea I got while playing.

A Free form (Or sandbox) style Harry Potter RPG. Create your character, make your wand, get sorted into your house, and explore hogwarts! Take classes to learn new spells/potions/enchantments for your spell book, do little quests and missions for ghosts, or house elfs, or teachers, for experience and money. visit hogsmead and buy new things, engage in wizards duels, it just has sooo many possibilities.

Your given basic stats when you start off, depending on what wand build you make depends on what stats are boosted. Just like in bully, their are scheduled classes, with tasks you need to complete. You can even make it to where you need to complete X ammount of classes before you can go to the next grade.

Each class you "PASS" gives you a new spell or potion, ect to use, and the more you use spells, the stronger they become. You get experiance from classes, and minor quests, even from winning wizard dules ect that you can increase your stats.

If the game is a SMASH hit, then expand it to where after completing 7th year, you open up London, where you can work for the ministry of magic and get more quests and such, and if not, well then who cares, hogwarts, hogsmead, and the forbidden forrest would be good enough.

Incorporate the Quidditch Engine used in past Quidditch games and allow for that during the game play. House points would give a special benifit to all members of that 1 house who is in the lead at the time. Getting busted by prefects or staff for truency or other misdeeds can bring the score down, and doing special missions can bring it up (Or winning quidditch)

Hopefully someone with the know how reads this and makes this dream a reality. I would SO dominate that game :P

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