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I think that Daily Prophet would be a more interesting name for this section instead of Harry Potter News. Wikada 15:29, 25 July 2006 (UTC)

According to, the current news is:

<Daniel Radcliffe 17th birthday project is organizing a very special project this year for Daniel's 17th birthday (July 23rd). The project will include the Demelza Drive 2006, a birthday edition of ACED Magazine, and the Greatest Fans Idol. If you're interested in participating or wish to find out more, click here. Posted by Ciaran on May 29th | 40 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Dan Radcliffe Harry Potter makes girls violent A prominent US psychologist says popular fictional characters such as Hermione Granger could be contributing to an increase in violence among girls.

We'll add this to the list of other things Harry Potter has been held responsible for possibly causing: headaches from causing kids to read for extended lengths of time, back problems for forcing kids to lug around the monstrous fifth book, chauvinism, devil-worshiping, fatism (discrimination against obese people), "postPotter depression" (how we feel after we finish a book and settle down for the multi-year wait for the next installment), forced abortions in China, and global warming.

Okay, I made the last one up, but you get the idea - Harry is a popular scapegoat. Don't get your knickers in a twist over this one. Posted by Emerson on May 29th | 469 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Books MuggleCast Episode 41: Fat Lady, Watch Out! Join Andrew, Kevin, Eric, Micah and me as we celebrate the one year anniversary of when the MuggleCast idea was originally spawned. We also take the latest listener-submitted voicemails and go through our regular segments:

- Listener Rebuttals cover our listeners' thoughts on translations, cursing, and Christianity - For the first time ever, we tell the story of how MuggleCast was born, how Micah made it on, and more - Why does McGonagall hate Divination? - Dumbledore returning the Invisibility Cloak - This week's Give Me a Butterbeer calls out stereotypes and prejudice in Potter - How did Fudge's opinion on Voldemort's being back change? - Dumbledore would trust Hagrid with his life. Would he trust Hagrid with keeping his fake death a secret? - Chapter by Chapter: Ch 15 of Sorcerer's Stone, "The Forbidden Forest"

If you're new to podcasting, head on over to iTunes and subscribe here. Or, you may direct download from our MuggleCast site. Read more... Posted by Laura on May 28th | 93 Comments | Submit News | Categories: MuggleCast OOTP filming update 'This is North Scotland' has published an Order of the Phoenix filming update this morning. According to the article, film crews have arrived in the West Highlands, Glenfinnan, Glencoe and Glen Etive:

And the first of the action saw a Harry Potter double on location at Glenfinnan, in front of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Monument, skimming flat stones across Loch Shiel. Film crews in boats recorded the action, as excited tourists visiting the monument looked on eagerly.

Local man Donald MacLean who was watching from the loch shore, said: "Once Harry's double got the hang of it he was able to send the stones quite a long way." Glenfinnan will figure prominently in Phoenix, with the famous train the Hogwart's Express crossing its famous railway viaduct.

The article goes on to say that filming for Hagrid's Hut has been done by filming with a computer-equipped helicopter to bring new light to the Hut. Posted by Andrew on May 28th | 104 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Movie 5 Dan's 17th birthday message Yesterday, Dan Radcliffe fansites and received the following message from Dan concerning his 17th birthday this year:

As my 17th birthday approaches (!), I would like to appeal to my wonderful fans and ask that instead of sending me presents, they might like to make a donation, however small, to Demelza House. It really makes a huge difference to this remarkable place which I have supported for several years and I am very touched that so many fans have already taken such an active interest by donating or fund raising. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. DANIEL RADCLIFFE Dan turns 17 on July 23rd. You can read more information about the Demelza House here. Posted by Ben on May 27th | 118 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Dan Radcliffe Dan not attending Queen's birthday party Back in February, we reported that JK Rowling was to be in attendance at the Queen's 80th birthday party. In one part of the article, Jo was quoted as saying, "Harry and I are very much looking forward to attending." This led fans to believe that 'Harry' meant actor Dan Radcliffe.

Although this rumor had been squashed once before, mumblings were still heard that he would be there. Today, has confirmed (once and for all) that these rumors are false. Dan will not be in attendance at the event, as he will be studying for exams and taking a break from filming Order of the Phoenix. Posted by Andrew on May 26th | 86 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Dan Radcliffe Show Us Your Character Sweepstakes Winners The three winners from our Show Us Your Character Sweepstakes are now online! Below is a link to each winner, and the prize that they've won:

   * Grand Prize: Katy Cartee, Music Video (Winning a video-capable iPod and the complete set of Harry Potter audio books)
   * 1st Prize: Justin Foster, "The Boy Who Lived" (Winning a karaoke machine and the complete set of Harry Potter movie DVDs)
   * 2nd Prize: Charlee Faulds, "The Killing Curse" (Winning an iPod Shuffle and the Goblet of Fire DVD)

Enjoy! To find more information on this contest, visit the Show Us Your Character Sweepstakes page. Thanks to everyone for their interest in this great competition spanning two months, and special thanks goes to the winners! Posted by Andrew on May 26th | 80 Comments | Submit News | Categories: MuggleNet Richardson discusses role in GOF Richardson discusses role in GOF Miranda Richardson, Rita Skeeter in the fourth Harry Potter movie, recently did an interview with The Independent. In it she discusses how she portrayed the role and the fan reaction after her appearance in Goblet of Fire.

She loved playing the tabloid journalist Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She combined elements of the Vivienne Westwood of yesteryear with "someone like Liz Smith", gossip columnist for the New York Post. "Kids are very generous. I got some really sweet letters saying: 'You were exactly how I thought you should be', so I was very relieved about that," she says.

Thanks to Tomarro for the tip! Posted by Ciaran on May 26th | 51 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Movie 4, Film Cast Scientists developing real life invisibility cloak An invisibility cloak similar to the one Harry inherited from his father in the first book may not be far off from reality. Researchers in the US and England are laying out a blue print and collecting the exotic materials needed to build such a cloak. John Pendry, a physicist at the Imperial College London said, "Such a cloak does not exist, but early versions that could mask microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation could be as close as 18 months away.... We will have a cloak after not too long." Thanks to everyone who wrote in! Posted by Ben on May 26th | 130 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Books New Book 5 downloads on US Potter publisher Scholastic has updated their Fun Stuff section with downloads relating to Order of the Phoenix.

Additionally, the winners of the Scholastic contest held before the release of Half-Blood Prince have been posted. Posted by Andrew on May 26th | 18 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Scholastic, Book 5 Publisher says 2007 Book 7 release is likely Publisher says 2007 Book 7 release is likely While on her visit to India, Bloomsbury co-founder Liz Calder said in an interview that she suspects the final Harry Potter book will be released in 2007.

"One more 'Harry Potter' only but she [Rowling] said from the beginning that she would write seven. So she would not write another one after this. But Rowling would write other books for us. The next 'Harry Potter' book is likely to come out in 2007. I hope so." Read more... Posted by Ciaran on May 25th | 148 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Book 7 UK publisher buys Methuen In a move to ensure the company continues to generate steady profits post-Book 7, Bloomsbury, UK Harry Potter publisher, has purchased Methuen Drama Ltd. for £2.35 million ($4.4m). Methuen Drama has about 700 titles in print - including Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross and Michael Frayn's Copenhagen - and all will become part of Bloomsbury's A&C Black division. Bloomsbury Chairman Nigel Newton said:

"We have the sales and marketing expertise to exploit its list fully in the trade and educational markets and will be looking to add both practical theatre titles and new works which will become the classic plays of the future." Posted by Ciaran on May 25th | 20 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Books Movie 5 casting changes and announcements Movie 5 casting changes and announcements Helen McCrory will no longer play the part of Bellatrix Lestrange in the fifth Harry Potter movie as she is currently pregnant and will be heavily so by the time they film the Ministry scenes. She is set to be replaced by Helena Bonham Carter. Helena played the part of Charlie's mother in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Apple Brook, who's appeared in stage, TV and film productions for more than 25 years, will portray Care of Magical Creatures substitute teacher Professor Grubbly-Plank.

Finally, the younger versions of Sirius, Lupin, and Snape (who all appear in "Snape's Worst Memory") will be played by James Walters, James Utechin, and Alec Hopkins, respectively. Also, Jason Piper will "play" the part of Bane the Centaur. Whether or not he'll simply lend his voice for the role, we don't yet know. Posted by Ciaran on May 25th | 262 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Film Cast, Movie 5 Scholastic stocks to soar before Book 7 Stocks of several educational publishers rose on Wednesday after a report released by Drew Crum stated that they had long-term investment opportunities. Consequently, investors quickly snapped up shares in three major publishing companies and Crum was particularly bullish about Scholastic, the American publisher of the Harry Potter books:

"We are compelled by the potential upside in the shares given the impending publication of 'Harry Potter' number seven, when considering the stock's history of advancing and peaking ahead of a book release." Posted by Ciaran on May 25th | 22 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Book 7 Italian fans offered chance to visit OOTP set Italian Harry Potter fans can now enter a competition to win a trip to the Order of the Phoenix movie set on August 1-3. To enter, simply visit the Italian version of WB's site. Now that OOTP set competitions are running for French and Italian fans, we could probably assume that another European country will be next.

Thanks to Kershia and Elisa for the heads-up! Posted by Ciaran on May 25th | 40 Comments | Submit News | Categories: Movie 5>