Time turner

Time-Turner is a Harry Potter Wiki feature that allows you to easily view an article as it appeared in the past. This allows users to take a look back, and compare how far things have come. The articles appear exactly as they did at the time of the featured edit, save any deleted images or templates, which are removed.


  • Tom Riddle - Revision 449546 as December 31, 2010 - Turned back on December 31, 2012 two years in honour of Tom Riddle's birthday. At the time, much of the already-present article was in place, but there was a different page-top quote, no signature image, and no media or etymology sections, not to mention a smaller behind the scenes and no image category link.
  • Harry Potter - Revision 6188 as of February 28, 2006 - Date when article was first featured on the Harry Potter Wiki. At the time, the article was only around 6 KB in size and featured only a single image.