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Very self-conscious about this; I'd like to start by reassuring the deliberators: 95% of my editing time, I'm absolutely fine with just being a regular user, so I won't be upset if this request is not accepted.

My reason for requesting this User Right, all surround the same issue: images. I've seen a couple of Admins and Users remarked that, "there's no limitation on how many images a wiki can host, why the persistence on removing duplicates?" and I agree, the first statement is completely true, but I'd like to explain why personally, I'd really prefer there to be no duplicates.

Besides the fact that duplicates literally have no functioning purpose for there's already at least another image of the same thing lying around, for duplicates that have been diligently categorized, they'd consequently increase the inaccuracies of those categories they are in, most visible ones being the use of {{Imagecat}} on articles. For example:

The Harry Potter Wiki has 442 images related to Requests for permissions.

(Note: The template is styled to reflect {{PAGENAME}} no matter what, so ignore the "Requests for permissions" displayed in the template on the right; the example is {{Imagecat|Images of Ginny Weasley}}, purpose self-explanatory.)

As I'm sending this request, there's supposedly "442" images of Ginevra Weasley; that seemed like a lot, and I'm sure, after deleting duplicates, there probably would still be a lot of images left, which is not a problem. Having a lot of images is not the problem; having unnecessary duplicates mixed within, that, is what I considered problematic. I want to see a more accurate calculation of how many images there really is for a subject, not going into an image category and get confused because of the déjà vu the duplicates caused, "wait, have I already gone through this page?" etc. I'd like to browse images that are actually different, without constantly being interrupted by "wait, I have seen this already, right? Or was it just a similar image?"

To be clear, I do understand this is a very minuscule issue, it is in no way severe that needs immediate attention, if any attention at all. I wholeheartedly agree that, it effects so little that it makes little sense making it a priority to take care of, when there's so much more to be done on the wiki. I don't think anyone is to be blamed for anything, even the ones who uploaded duplicates, because frankly, it is rather unavoidable when it does happen: There's just so many images on this wiki, and if one is not properly categorized/named or being in use, it is very likely to have a duplicate uploaded because the existing file of it was hard to locate.

I'm not trying to set up some unrealistic goal of "no more duplicates", that, I think is just not possible. Rather, I'd like to do damage control at the first possible moment, just so they don't get left alone "because it's not that important", and eventually be forgotten about, and just sitting on this wiki, accumulating more duplicates of no purposes. I'm saying this, because, while I can do the only thing a regular user could do and tag {{delete}} on those duplicate files, they are rarely seen as any priority and just continue to sit there. As explained above, I understand that they really aren't urgently needed to be taken care of; however at the same time, I also feel that I'm going through an extra step just to get those duplicates deleted, and usually waiting quite a period of time until actually seeing the result. It does not reflect what's listed on HPW:IMAGE: Obvious duplicate images will be speedy deleted. It is rarely speedy. I reemphasize, I don't think the Admins are at fault, because they really do have other more important stuff to do, but as a bystander, I feel rather frustrated for not being able to actually help out with this matter, if not only adding more workload for them. I also feel that, I'm unnecessarily populating Special:Recentchanges whenever I do tag the duplicates. Should I have the User Right, they really could just be gone without the whole tagging-then-waiting-to-see-who-finally-has-time-to-delete-them business.

It may be a ridiculous reason to request for the User Right, but honestly, even if it's unimportant, it's not going to fix itself until someone does it. I'd rather be that someone, so Admins can focus on more pressing matters. I'd also like to say, no, "my help" isn't needed per se, but I won't be offering said help had I not still been seeing many duplicates lying around. I'm one of the users, if not the only user, who took issue with duplicates and is vocal about it. I'd rather be able to take action instead of being a nagging complainer.

I'm writing all this because I want it to be clear that I didn't send this request on some whim; it has been on the back of my mind, but seeing my tagging edits populating RecentChanges again today really made me feel that I might as well just pitch it to get over with it. Thanks for reading this.

(Friendly reminder: Each to their own; please do not attack my idiosyncrasy of wanting to get rid off duplicates. Much appreciated.)

--Sammm✦✧(talk) 19:50, October 25, 2018 (UTC)


For: This nomination request had escaped me until now; Sammm鯊 has proved to be a trusted user and more than up to the task of being granted Rollback rights. More than Rollback, I'd be content (haha!) with giving her Content Moderator rights. --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 18:49, November 4, 2018 (UTC)

For: I quite agree with Seth on this one, she has proven herself worthy of Content Mod rights. Good luck! (Also funny joke Seth :)) Dave (talk) 02:37, November 8, 2018 (UTC)

For: Content Moderation is often a little-noticed, behind-the-scenes task. As Sammm鯊 has an interest, and a clearly proven aptitude for detail work, she most certainly should be given the chance to help out in this area! --Ironyak1 (talk) 04:03, November 9, 2018 (UTC)

For: I quite agree with Ironyak 1.  Harry granger   Talk   contribs 13:10, November 9, 2018 (UTC)

Against: I've had very little contact with Sammm so went to read her Bio.

I have doubts about the maturity of anyone who feels this is appropriate material for someone being considered for a position of responsibility.
"though currently I'm simply a person who's SICK of seeing a bunch of people taking the piss out of the roles of an Admin"
I vote No. The Dark MarcSlytherincrest (talk)

Ok Marc, she may have different views from a  some of us, but there is no doubt she has a ton of experience. But after recent contact with her, and reading her bio, I have decided to withdraw my vote on the matter. Cheers, Dave (talk) 05:50, November 10, 2018 (UTC)
Hi Dave
I think perhaps your point about different views is especially important when we consider the position applied for. Being able to appreciate different points of view is crucial for anyone given the powers discussed. While other HP wikia leaders are ready to discuss options reasonably, you certainly won't find them complaining about members in their Bios.
You're absolutely right- we do have different views. The ability to respect those views and act appropriately afterwards is key.
NB- Thanks Ironyak1 for cleaning up my mess. My apologies for my dodgy phone edits 😆
The Dark MarcSlytherincrest (talk)
Hi there, The Dark Marc (unsure what to call you, or is it just Marc?), I hope it's alright to add the "against" in front of your comment, so it won't look like you are responding to Ironyak1's vote. That aside; I'm curious with what people are seeing on the right hand side of the top part of my user page, what's next to "# EDITS SINCE JOINING THIS WIKI / # DISCUSSION POSTS" on my profile: because I do not have a bio there? I know some users do, and they even have the option to "[show more]", but all I'm able to fill out are the following:
  • What's your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What's your occupation?
  • What gender are you?
For the longest time, I answered the last question with simply my actual gender, but later found the perks of using it like a place to post status updates, so I did just that, and so far only did it once, which is the one on display. Unfortunately, or quite the opposite depending on how you view it, there's a word count limit to the answer. I am actually sick of a lot of things; had I started using the parameter to rant earlier, it'd probably be "I'm sick of seeing low quality images". While neither is pleasant, those are my feelings, and I'm not aware that it was inappropriate to express them.
Note that, the problematic statement is visible on all wikis I've ever edited on, which at the moment is at 73; it is "the act" I am sick of, and there's no personal attack, since I do see this happening on a lot of wikis. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to dump my exasperation, as long as it doesn't contain too fowl of a language use, which it doesn't.
I'm responding to you, not because I take issue with your way of thinking, but because I feel the need to point out, the statement you have doubts about, is not in my bio, and you have now made this false statement twice; I'd like you to actually go read my bio, before spreading false info and mislead other people. My bio is honestly very long and I'd be surprised anyone would actually read it let alone finish it. I can understand the statement in question being registered as unpleasant and potentially putting people off from reading my actual bio to get to know more about me, which I don't hold against and can live with.
That being said, perhaps this is where I'm immature because I don't really understand what "my feelings" has anything to do with why I applied for this particular User Right, or how it's going to affect my hypothetical performance of carrying out actions should the User Right be granted. I don't see how the fact I'm sick of a lot things (and can't get enough of just as much a lot of things; but yes, there's that word count limit,) is going to hinder me from deleting duplicated images, which was, after all, basically the only reason I'm requesting the User Right.
I am not here to be the nicest person, but I don't believe I'm being uncivilized; you are of course free to judge me to be "not mature enough" base on one sentence that happened to be my honest opinion, when there's more than 20 sections and subsections on my bio, containing various bulletpoints and paragraphs should anyone is actually interested in getting to know me. I suppose first impression really mattered and I've utterly failed. =P No hurt feelings, but would like this nonsense about "I wrote this in my bio" to stop. Yes, I wrote it, no, it is not in my bio.
P.S.: In case a miracle happens and someone actually does finish reading my entire User page, I'm still not claiming to be a likable person lmao. Though last I checked, being likable is not a criteria for deleting duplicated images, which I emphasize, is all I set out to do. I never want to be some "leader", so I hope "my questionable character" won't be brought to focus again to be used as a reason that "I'm not suitable". Have not applied be a leader, and don't want to be a leader, hence, I'm really seeing the comparison as irrelevant.
-Sammm✦✧(talk) 16:25, November 10, 2018 (UTC)
@Marc I agree. We all do have point of views (about people, grammar, etc). I may have a different opinion about, let's say, Seth Cooper then a person who was blocked by him. I personally think Seth is a terrific person (hard to not after everything he's done for me 😆), but the user may think they're block was unfair, or uneeded, therefore disliking Seth. I hope to see other applicants on here in the future.
Cheers, Dave (talk) 18:12, November 10, 2018 (UTC)
Good answer, Sammm鯊, very good answer!  Harry granger   Talk   contribs 18:11, November 10, 2018 (UTC)

In the phone app the area the comment I referred to is called the 'Bio'. Your answer completely misses the point and yet illustrates mine perfectly. You're not just dealing with edits from inexperienced editors. You're dealing with people. As soon as that tag of 'Moderator'is attached to your name you take on a social position of power which many will take as representing the leadership of the wikia. Like it or not you need some social skill to deal with new editors or you're damaging the wikia and driving away nww editors. I don't believe you're ready, and your response only makes this more clear.

The Dark MarcSlytherincrest (talk)

I'm definitely strongly irritated now.  Harry granger   Talk   contribs 23:27, November 10, 2018 (UTC)
Your inability to accept alternate points of view or willingness to discuss them with any detail doesn't mean my opinion is any less valid
The Dark MarcSlytherincrest (talk)
Marc's opinion makes sense. A content moderator isn't user rights that have tools for the benefit of the user, rather the benefit of the Community. While she may be a very experienced user, she needs to have some social experience to help new users.
Dave (talk) 23:38, November 10, 2018 (UTC)
@The Dark Marc: Do you mean me with inability or Sammm鯊? It's not clear for me to whom your words are addressed.  Harry granger   Talk   contribs 23:47, November 10, 2018 (UTC)





Hello all, so I've had a chat with a few users around the Wiki, and they seemed to think that having another bot could be useful so, hence, I am here today to make an application for my bot to be granted a Bot Flag. There are a number of tasks that I would like to carry out in collaboration with Ironyak1 (having chatted to him, of course), including mostly clean-ups to make our Wiki look as professional as it deserves to be. This bot uses both Pywikibot and AutoWikiBrowser (although only Pywikibot if it is necessary).

Currently, my bot is in perfect working order over on the LOTR Wiki, and my experience over there can hopefully be carried over here. Once again, (if granted the Bot Flag) I will be working alongside Ironyak1, and we will actively communicate over who is doing which project (so that our bots do not clash).

Thanks everyone for your time,

  ArrestoMomentum | talk 

Having spoken with ArrestoMomentum about various tasks from page formatting to category fixing to many other issues, there is plenty of work to justify having two bots doing clean up IMHO. It also helps to have another person with bot experience to bounce ideas off and figure out the best method to accomplish various tasks or special requests. I am in support --Ironyak1 (talk) 18:12, August 11, 2016 (UTC)


These users are able to delete and protect pages along with blocking users.


Hi guys, I am Harrypotterexpert101, and I am requesting to become an administrator for various reasons. One is, our of the 20 administrators, only 3 are considered active, a few are semi-active, and the rest are listed as inactive. So that leaves 3 administrators to do a ton of work while some of the admins haven't been on in 10 years! I believe I am the best for the job because:

1. I have administrative experience.

2. I know when to hand out blocks and bans, and know not to abuse them.

3. I am familiar with administrative tools and technology, and therefore there will be less accidents if you chose me rather then another person.

4. I am familiar with the editing tools and guidelines, and know how to catch vandalism and how to deal with it.

5. I am familiar with dealing with wiki problems, in the discussions or in the editing part of the wiki.

I hope you will take me into considerstion, and thank you for reading this. Cheers, Dave (talk) 02:37, November 8, 2018 (UTC)


For: Harrypotterexpert101 already's been tasked the responsibility of having to manage the Phoenix Files Wiki - are we really sure he needs (and deserves) this too? --Magnus

Sorry, but you need an admin to hold a vote, but before then you'll want to get User:Seth Cooper and User:Starstuff to weigh in on this as they are the active bureaucrats. Cheers --Ironyak1 (talk) 16:57, October 4, 2018 (UTC)
FYI Seth Cooper also gave me permission to come here and post. It is in my talk page. Here:

--Dave 22:55, October 22, 2018 (UTC)

Too much time has elapsed without any significant response, so I'm closing this nomination. Cheers. --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 18:40, November 4, 2018 (UTC)
On second analysis, per user's request, I'm reopening this nomination request. --  Seth Cooper  owl post! 19:32, November 4, 2018 (UTC)



These users are able to grant and remove adminship, and grant and remove rollback privileges.

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