This is a points log archive for the September 20, 2009 to February 24, 2010 term. Please do not modify it.

Final totals

  • Slytherin: 1080 points
  • Ravenclaw: 870 points
  • Gryffindor: 544 points
  • Hufflepuff: 460 points

Points log

September 2009

Points Recipient(s) House(s) Prefect Reason for awarding/deduction Date
+10 Starstuff Slytherin Cubs Fan2007 Creating the articles:
-Edna Patridge
-Irene Denholm
-Gordon Pummell
Sept. 23, 2009
+5 GrouchMan Gryffindor Starstuff Fixing wikilinks in several articles Sept. 23, 2009
+5 Adumb1881 Gryffindor Starstuff Adding places of death to several character infoboxes Sept. 26, 2009
+15 Noctua Ravenclaw Starstuff Creating the article Nymphadora Tonks' wand Sept. 26, 2009
+10 Adumb1881 Gryffindor Profiteor Adding many Relationships to Alastor Moody Sept. 27, 2009
+25 Parodist Ravenclaw Enrico Dc Creating the articles:
-Nepali wizard
-Ginger Newt
-Unidentified Mould-on-the-Wold boys
-Rubens Winikus
-Rubens Winikus and Company Inc.
Sept. 30, 2009

October 2009

Points Recipient(s) House(s) Prefect Reason for awarding/deduction Date
+35 Starstuff Slytherin Enrico Dc Creating the articles:
-Niles Hanley
-Lynette Sawley
-Sheila Brooks
-James Tuckett
-Curtis Evercreech
-Ethan Bexley
-Black pudding
Oct. 01, 2009
+70 Parodist Ravenclaw Seth Cooper Creating the articles:
-Hengist Rawkes
-Unidentified Hogwarts Headmaster (I)
-Albus Dumbledore's ex-girlfriend
-Horace Slughorn's second office
-Severus Snape's office
-Defence Against the Dark Arts professor's office
-Venomous Tentacula leaves
-So You Think You'd Like to Work In Muggle Relations?
-Have You Got What It Takes to Train Security Trolls?
-Make a Bang at the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
-Unidentified pamphlet on Wizard banking
-Me, Myself, and I
-Ronald Weasley's bedroom
Oct. 16, 2009
+30 Profiteor Hufflepuff Enrico Dc Recently fighting against vandalism, Helping categorized some uploaded images and Fixing some broken links. Oct. 18, 2009
+10 Noctua Ravenclaw Cubs Fan2007 Creating the article Regulus Black's bedroom Oct. 20, 2009
+5 You-Know-Who Ravenclaw Margiechocoholic Uploading images onto the Time-Turner article. 28 Oct. 2009.
+10 GrouchMan Gryffindor Seth Cooper Proofreading Conjuration. Oct. 29, 2009
+10 Yatanogarasu Gryffindor Magiechocoholic Adding information to several articles:
-Cornelius Fudge
-Dark Mark
-Draco Malfoy
-Barty Crouch Jr.
-Barty Crouch Sr.
29 Oct. 2009

November 2009

Points Recipient(s) House(s) Prefect Reason for awarding/deduction Date
+40 GrouchMan Gryffindor Enrico Dc Creating the articles:
-Three Broomsticks Inn (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)
-Donaghan Tremlett's father
-Donaghan Tremlett's mother
-Tremlett family
-Neil Cicierega
-and for Hard-work fixing links on many articles.
Nov. 06, 2009
+25 Smonocco Slytherin Enrico Dc Creating the articles:
-Memory and
-Beauxbatons carriage
Nov. 06, 2009
+55 Starstuff Slytherin Seth Cooper Creating the articles:
-‎C. Gilbert & Co. Ltd.
-‎Thomson & Nephew Ltd.
-‎A.J. Mennett
-Eyeball Bonanza
-Clippy's Clip Joint
-Queen Bee
-Sullivan Buses
-If Only...
-Ca$h Fea$t
Nov. 06, 2009
+20 Nick O'Demus Hufflepuff Enrico Dc For his hardwork Fixing UserBoxes names and Correcting several wrong informations in some articles. Nov. 06, 2009
+25 Profiteor Hufflepuff Enrico Dc Creating the article Jimmy Kiddell (5 pts.) and for his/her recently Blog entries (20 pts.). Nov. 06, 2009
+5 Yin&Yang Gryffindor Jayden MatthewsExcellent edits to the Prophecy Record article. Nov. 12, 2009
+45 Nick O'Demus Hufflepuff Jayden MatthewsCreation of the Unicorn horn, Salamander blood, Pomegranate juice, Barking Mad Male Gargoyle, Comedic Female Gargoyle, Lonely Male Gargoyle ,Lonely Male Gargoyle's friend, Miserable Female Gargoyle, Sarcastic Male Gargoyle| articles Nov. 12, 2009
+20 Cubs Fan2007 Gryffindor Enrico DcCreated the articles Poisonous duck (5pts), Arthur Weasley's file (5pts) and Percy Weasley's letter (10pts). Nov. 13, 2009
+725 Seth Cooper Ravenclaw Enrico Dc 5 points each for the articles:
-25 Wildbrook Crescent
-32a North Street
-Acanthia Way
-Little Norton Church Hall
-18 Acanthia Way
-17 Lanes End
-Donaghan Tremlett's wife
-Skeletal Sweets
-Wizard Card Collectors' Club
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Two
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Five
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Six
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Nine
-Educational Decree Number Forty-Five
-Educational Decree Number Sixty-Seven
-Educational Decree Number Seventy-Four
-Educational Decree Number Eighty-Two
-Educational Decree Number Ninety-Eight
-10 Downing Street
-Owner of 7 Privet Drive,
-7 Privet Drive
-2 Magnolia Crescent
-2 Laburnum Gardens
-The Wheatsheaf
-6 Wisteria Walk
-Potion No. 113
-Potion No. 86
-Potion No. 07
-Mandrake Elixir
-Rat Spleen Mixture
-Frog Parts Mixture
-Herbology Store
-Exploding Ginger Eyelash
-Bouncing Spider Juice
-Cooking the Muggle Way
-Count Dracula
-Bram Stoker
-Detention escape route
-Passage of the Fouls
-Porticus Olidus
-Undercover route to the Kitchens
-Secret way to Slytherin Common Room
-Lost Wands
-Hogwarts Turris Magnus
-Serpentine Corridor
-Porticus Imago
-Poltergeist Passage
-Prowling Passage
-Ghoul Studies Classroom
-Ghoul Studies
-Brian Gagwille
-Hieroglyphic Hall
-Fireproof balaclava
-Fireproof glove
-Fireproof hat
-Fireproof shirt
-Fireproof sock
-Fireproof trousers
-Fireproof underwear
-Barberus Bragge's advisors
-Muggledom Mysterium
-Stephen Hawking
-Unnamed Gaelic poem
-Günther der Gewalttätige ist der Gewinner
-German illuminated manuscript
-Tapestry of a group of Snidget-hunters
-Moving tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy
-Leech juice
-Hogwarts Railways
-Giffard Abbott's dog
-Termeritus Shanks's owl
-Angel's Trumpet
-Angel's Trumpet Draught
-Baneberry Potion
-Dragon Poison
-Eel eye
-Fatiguing Fusion
-Fungiface Potion
-Furry green cheese
-Giant Purple Toad
-Giant Purple Toad wart
-Maggoty haggis
-Manegro Potion
-Moonseed Poison
-Mouldy bread
-Muffling Draught
-Nux Myristica
-Sardine Hex
-Star Grass
-Star Grass Salve
-Stinking salmon
-Tombstone cake
-Wax vegetables
-Wild rice
-Bobbin family
-Bobbin family's chain of apothecaries
-Charity Burbage's student assistant
-Chelidonium Miniscula
-Cuthbert Binns's father
-Ollivander's peacock
-Winston's niece
-Enchanted Feather Company
-Goblin Bank Holiday
-Healer's Shop
-Learn Magic Fast with Kwikspell
-The Travel Trilogy (a total of 635 points)
10 points each for the following articles:
-11 Grimmauld Place
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Three
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Seven
-Educational Decree Number Twenty-Eight
-Clock Tower Entrance (a total of 60 points)
15 points each for the following articles:
-Black family tree tapestry
-Burning of the Burrow (a total of 30 points)
Nov. 13 2009.
+59 GrouchMan Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating:
-Ashley Virgil (5 points)
-Bastien (5 points)
-Hildegarde Lafarge (5 points)
-Isobell Middleton (5 points)
-Josephine Marat (5 points)
-Lacroix (5 points)
-Saucet (5 points)
-13 Grimmauld Place (7 points)
-Little Norton (7 points)
-Category:Quidditch Captains (10 points)
Nov. 15 2009.
+5 GryffMaster Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating Catherine Balavage Nov. 15 2009.
+10 Hermione821 Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating Third Year Exams Nov. 15 2009.
+30 Quidditch Lover Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating:
-Category:Images of Killing Curse
-Category:Images needing editor assistance at upload as of unknown date 2009
-Category:Images with unknown copyright status as of unknown date 2009
Nov. 15 2009
+10 Tharnton345 Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating West Country Nov. 15 2009
+50 Yatanogarasu Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating:
-Careers Advice (10 points)
-Umbridge-itis(10 points)
-Nagini's venom (20 points)
-Death Eater's Barrier Curse (10 points)
Nov. 15 2009
+45 Lord Valentinijan Hufflepuff Seth Cooper Creating:
-Unidentified Black (5 points)
-Unidentified Black (I) (15 points)
-Unidentified Black (II) (15 points)
-Unidentified Black's wife (10 points)
Nov. 15 2009
+40 Nick O'Demus Hufflepuff Seth Cooper Creating:
-Category:Unidentified Hogwarts Students
-Category:Unnamed members of the House of Black
-Category:Unnamed family members
-Category:Unidentified individuals (10 points each)
Nov. 15 2009
+190 GrouchMan Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating the articles:
-Draco and the Malfoys
-The Whomping Willows
-The Hungarian Horntails
-The Remus Lupins
-Professor Trelawney and her Crystal Balls
-The Moaning Myrtles
-The Chocolate Frogs
-His Silver Hand
-Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
-Fred and George: The Band
-Gred and Forge
-Hollow Godric
-As I Lay Dobby
-Ariana D
-142 Staircases
-Devil's Snare
-Hogwarts Trainwreck
-The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
-Creevey Crisis
-Siriusly Hazza P
-Ginny and the Heartbreakers
-The Butterbeer Experience
-Hermione and the Mudbloods
-Ministry of Magic
-Harry Potter Alliance
-Gryffindor Common Room Rejects
-Chasing Quaffles
-Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills
-Potter Noyz
-The Knockturn Alley Project
-Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
-A Bludger to the Head
-The Basilisk in Your Pasta
-Catchlove (5 points each)
Nov. 16 2009
+30 Smonocco Slytherin Seth Cooper Creating:
-Category:Images of Grimmauld Place
-Category:American users
-Category:Images of Errol (10 points each)
Nov. 17 2009
+5 GrouchMan Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating Hobday family Nov. 21 2009
+925 Starstuff Slytherin Seth Cooper Creating:
#Gold Pol
#Nicholas Saunders
#Lauren Wakefield
#Eduardo Lima
#Miraphora Mina
#Twilight Moonbeams
#Knitter's Own
#Jacqueline Lejeune
#Cybèle Peltier
#The Coffin House
#Sally Birchgrove
#Gladys Prescott
#Alannis Sheppley
#Lucy Hurst
#Scarlett Lympsham
#Toby Lennox
#Daryl Morden
#Luke Cholderton
#Patrick Fincher
#Ross Gibberd
#Harvey O'Brien
#Eugene Warmsley
#Brian Cinderford
#Declan Haworth
#Kate Olney
#Nola Johnston
#Noreen Kirkby
#Junpei Suruga
#Isabella Tintwistle
#Mary Doyle
#Andrea Kegworth
#Alison Denshaw
#Paul Mawdesley
#Dora Williams
#Lisa Cullen
#Ella Wilkins
#Graham Romsey
#Anita Macduff
#Manoj Pandit
#Nerissa Brody
#Felix Brunt
#Craig Dunn
#Bastien Queensbury
#Nigel Wroxton
#Poppy Caxton
#Ivan Renshaw
#Arman Shettigar
#Chudley Cannons Fan Club
#Josef Wronski Award for Excellent Pitch Skills
#River Wye
#Isle of Skye
#Isle of Wight
#Canary Islands
#Tracey Nettlebed
#Inigo Fuente Marrero
#Sendelina de la Felino
#Tiago Montoya
#Vasco Santini
#Ana de Lebron
#Tina Lundstrom
#Martin Helstrom
#Asgard Pettersson
#Asgeir Knutsen
#Peter Hansen
#Lorre Gustafson
#Olaf Andersen
#Lucy Karoonda
#Jonny Nuhaka
#Kylie Meadows
#Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau
#Maria Monteith
#Kenneth Hastings
#Matthew Echunga
#Konrad Weiss
#Hermann Wiel
#Elena Eldritch
#Katrina von Glockenspieler
#Igor Brand
#Kursten Blijk
#Kurt Todt
#Shizuka Watanabe
#Keiko Takahashi
#Minaka Hirakata
#Ryotaro Tanaka
#Yoshihiro Suzuki
#Noriyuki Sato
#Blythe Parkin
#Denison Frisby
#Indira Choudry
#Dawn Withey
#Keaton Flitney
#Avery Hawksworth
#Edric Vosper
#Ariel Singleton
#Ralph Heidelberger
#Troy Duvall
#Gillian Ossett
#Thomas McGruder
#Trisha Buttermere
#Hortense Cooper
#Sean Peakes
#Martine Copplestone
#Timothy Morcott
#Shawn Morris
#Agnes Monkleigh
#Fergus Cowley
#Maynard Hatton
#Irfan Mustaq
#Kouta Ohnishi
#Xander Lofthouse
#Maria Glossop
#Holden Ledbury
#Imogen Stretton
#Diane Carter
#Agatha Thrussington
#Matthew Kettletoft
#Lina Tande
#Jessica Tring
#Eldon Pembroke
#Uchi Akimbo
#Philip Blagdon
#Zara Valli
#Simon Dedworth
#Patrick Bagby
#Alex Sykes
#Anthony Otterburn
#Bhavana Patel
#Irving Cram
#Gregory Munslow
#Rhonda Fladbury
#Karl Limpley (5 points each)
#Category:Images of Mrs. Granger
#Category:Images of Mr. Granger
#Category:Advocacy groups
#Category:Works of art
#Category:Images of Kellah
#Category:Images of the Inquisitorial Squad
#Category:Sea serpents
#News at Ten
#Andrew (disambiguation)
#Peter (disambiguation)
#Timothy the Timid
#George von Rheticus
#Kellah (10 points each)
Nov. 22 2009

December 2009

Points Recipient(s) House(s) Prefect Reason for awarding/deduction Date
+200 Jayden Matthews Hufflepuff Starstuff Designing a new skin for the wiki Dec. 5, 2009
+20 Nick O'Demus Hufflepuff Starstuff Removing redlinks across the wiki Dec. 5, 2009
+20 Seth Cooper Ravenclaw Starstuff 15 points for creating the following articles (plus a 5 point bonus for having a sharp eye and catching these):
-Edward Peidus
-Alexandra Rokonski
-Alistair Ballcocke
-Amberose Swott
-Angelus Moriattis
-Dominique Maestro
Dec. 5, 2009
+35 Jayden Matthews Hufflepuff Starstuff 10 points for creating this article:
-Unidentified lethal curse
10 points for creating this group of stubs:
-Unidentified Death Eater
-Unidentified Snatcher
15 points for creating this group of stubs:
-Cole Armitage
-Matthew Kaye
-Shaun Andrews
Dec. 5, 2009
+80 GrouchMan Gryffindor Seth Cooper Creating:
Transylvania (5)
Glasgow (5)
Yorkshire (5)
Unidentified Female Sixth year student (5)
Joseph Heller (5)
Pakistan (5)
Flanders (5)
Fabian and Gideon Prewett (10)
Janet Rowling (5)
Roger Moore (5)
Parvati and Padma Patil (10)
Alecto and Amycus Carrow (10)
Dec. 30 2009