If you are a Prefect, use the table in the "Points log" section of this page to record any points you award or dock. Every log entry should include the following information: the number of points awarded/deducted, the name(s) of the recipient(s), the house(s) of the recipient(s), your name, the reason you have awarded/deducted points, and the date on which the points were awarded/deducted.

You can get an idea of the different formats used for single and multi-user log entries by examining and copying code from the sample below.

Please see the archives for the points logs of past terms of the House Points Game.


Points Recipient(s) House(s) Prefect Reason for awarding/deduction Date
+10 Luna Lovegood Ravenclaw Hannah Abbott Helping Professor Hagrid feed his thestrals Dec. 6, 1995
-20 Fred Weasley Gryffindor Draco Malfoy Setting off fireworks in the fifth-floor corridor Jan. 8, 1996
+10 each -Susan Bones
-Ernie Macmillan
-Daphne Greengrass
-Hufflepuff (20 pts.)
-Slytherin (10 pts.)
Anthony Goldstein Helping Professor Flitwick clean up after class Feb. 12, 1996

Points log

The House Points Game is currently on hiatus.