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Welcome to the Hufflepuff Cellar, where Hufflepuff users participating in this site's House Points Game can come to seek the advice of their Prefects, or to co-ordinate work. If you are from another House, you may read the discussions here, but please do not post anything.


Hi, everyone! I'm Profiteor Hufflepuff Prefect. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them on this talk page or on my personal talk page.

Here are some general ideas for getting House points:

Cheers, Profiteor

General Discussion

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Jayden Matthews
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Seth Cooper

Articles to be created

Wand articles

As dissussed at Forum:Non-canonical wands, we can create some new articles on wands. Anyone have any ideas? -- HelgaHufflepufHufflepuffcrest(Hufflepuff Cellar)

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