Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is a video game produced by EA Games that features the fictional sport of Quidditch. The user plays for the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup (competing between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) and then takes on the Quidditch World Cup (competing between the United States, England, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Japan, Spain, Australia and Bulgaria.)

World Cup teams


Quidditch World Cup - English Quidditch Stadium 01

The English Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

The English team's Special Move is called the Rowntree Counter, and plays out as follows:First, Chaser Keaton Flitney, who has the Quaffle, yells to his teammates "Come On", then he, Edric Vosper, Avery Hawksworth dive and out of the back of their brooms flows red, white, and blue, signifying the flag of the United Kingdom, and referencing the Red Arrows, a famous British flying squad. They knock two opposing players off their brooms and while distracting the opponent Beaters, Flitney passes the Quaffle to Hawksworth, who kicks it around before passing it back to Vosper, who does an overhead kick into the hoop on the far left who does a dance on his broom. Most of the moves are not dissimilar to football.

(10 points)

Quidditch pitch

The English Quidditch pitch resembles a basic football (soccer) pitch, a grass oval with white outlines. This oval is surrounded by a moat and decorated towers resembling a medieval castle.


Quidditch World Cup - American Quidditch Stadium 01

The American Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

The U.S.A. has a basketball-style Team Special Move, named The Harlem Shuffle, in homage to the Muggle basketball team, the Harlem Globetrotters, who specialise in this sort of artistic, almost balletic, variation of play.

First, Fedele spins it atop his finger, shouting to his fellow Chasers, "Get ready, guys!"

He passes the Quaffle immediately on to Green, who dribbles it back and forth on his broomstick for a few moments, then passes to Muntz.

Muntz plays Piggy-in-the-middle with the other team's Chaser(s), laughing.

She throws it to Fedele, who throws it to Green, who scores by throwing the Quaffle in from behind the goalpost after diving off of his broomstick, while falling.

Muntz takes it and scores once again, the other team's Keeper diving off of their broom, but failing to make the save.

(20 points)

Quidditch Pitch

The American Quidditch pitch resembles an American football field with hashes marking yards. Jack O'Lanterns float around the stadium and stands. These structures recall colonial architecture common in New England, the region of the USA where Quidditch is probably most popular.


Quidditch World Cup - Japanese Quidditch Stadium 01

The Japanese Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

Japan's Team Special Move is known as The Tsunami, and involves a lot of spinning and has a martial arts style theme. First, Sato has the Quaffle with the Takahashi sisters flanking him, two of the opponents chasers and one beater scream, then Sato does a spinning trick (the sloth grip roll, maybe?) to avoid the screaming players, then Sato passes it to Tanaka, who passes it to Suzuki who kicks an opponent who then throws it to Tanaka who kicks it in, then Suzuki kicks it in and strikes a pose on his broom.

(20 points)

Quidditch pitch

The Japanese Quidditch pitch features not a lawn but a large koi pond spanned by a bridge. The stands resemble pagodas, and the goalposts are taller than most, compelling teams to ascend slightly to score.


Quidditch World Cup - German Quidditch Stadium 01

The German Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

The German Team's Special Move is played out like American football. Todt kicks the Quaffle hard to Blijk, who weaves in and out of the opponents, and then she throws to Todt, who abruptly stops, causing the opposing team to fly past him. Strangely enough, this is the only team to score a goal at the 'own' post.

The opposing chasers then turn back to see Todt throwing the Quaffle to Brand who leaps into the air and smacks the Quaffle in.

Blijk, who was on the other side of the goals, dropkicks it back towards Todt who gracefully leaps from his broom and brutally headbutts it in.

Germany then does a victory pose.

(20 points)

Quidditch pitch

The German Quidditch stadium is situated in a secluded forest with a castle visible in the distance. The pitch is stone with a star-shaped fountain in the centre. The stadium and its stands are designed to look like a traditional German village or castle.


French National Quidditch Stadium

The French Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

Their Team Special Move, the Blitzen Ballet, has a lot of spinning in it, and contains many gymnastic-style moves. First, Marat and Mallard pass the Quaffle to one another, then Mallard swings across to Lafarge's broom. Then Mallard passes it to Marat who scores while leaving the keeper gaping. (10 points)

Quidditch pitch

The French Qudditch pitch is an elaborate, symmetrical hedge maze. Goalposts rise from pools of water. The stadium and pitch resemble the Palace of Versailles and its expansive garden. After every goal made, church-like bells ring.


Harry Potter- Quidditch World Cup 02

Quidditch World Cup at Australia

Team Special Move

First, The Australians start their TSM with Echunga leading Monteith, Hastings, and Whakkaarangapawarau, then Echunga and Monteith pass the Quaffle to each other, with waves coming out of their brooms, avoiding the passing chaser, then Hastings has the Quaffle and does a serve into the hoop. It resembles surfing. (20 points)

Quidditch pitch

The Australian stadium is likely found in the Outback, where a formation of red rocks makes up the boundaries. The pitch is a mostly flat, sun-baked plain scattered with several red boulders. Banners of Aboriginal design hang from the stands. A chorus of didgeridoos follows each goal.

Nordic team (Scandinavia)

Quidditch World Cup - Nordic-Team Quidditch Stadium 01

The Nordic-Team Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

The Nordic Team's Team Special Move is quite complicated. First, the 3 chasers do flips in the air, making streams of icy fog.

The opposing team's chasers close their eyes, and Gustafson scores.

Gustafson goes behind the goal, passes the ball back to Hansen who scores.

The Special move is known as The Björn Blizzard.

(20 points)

Quidditch pitch

The Nordic Team's stadium is made completely of ice, closed in by large glaciers. The pitch itself is a cracked, frozen pond outlined in luminescent green. The stands are built into spire-like structures of ice. It is nearly always snowing there.


Quidditch World Cup - Spanish Quidditch Stadium 01

The Spanish Quidditch Stadium

Team Special Move

The Spanish's stereotypical fondness for dancing and bullfighting is shown in this move; García makes a powerful throw, Lebrón dodges it, then García jumps to one end of his broom to lift the Quaffle up in the air. Then Lebrón catches it, spins, then throws to Cartaya, who hits it into the goal with his broom then shouts '¡Sí!'

(10 points)

Quidditch pitch

The Spanish stadium is built inside an old castle or arena. It features a dusty brick pitch like that of a bullfighting ring. Church bells ring after every goal scored here. This venue is unique in that it is the only Quidditch stadium (known thus far) that is entirely contained indoors.


Team Special Move

The Team Special Move for Bulgaria features Viktor Krum doing the Wronski Feint (from the Goblet of Fire); he knocks the opposing seeker off their broom into the opposing chasers, depriving them of the Quaffle, and giving it to Levski, who swiftly punches it into the central hoop.

(10 points)

Quidditch pitch

The Bulgarian stadium is, like the German pitch, made primarily of stone. A sinister forest surrounds the structure, and the sky is always dark. The stands are grim, Gothic towers. A clock tower at one end houses the scoreboard. This clock's bell chimes after every goal scored.

Bulgaria is also the only team that needs to be unlocked.



Hogwarts rosters

Because the books have not named all of the members of the Hogwarts house teams, the video game has filled in the gaps as follows, circa Harry's third year. It is possible that J. K. Rowling provided the names, as she has been known to participate in multimedia projects, such as the Harry Potter Trading Card Game. In any case, the rosters are as follows:


Harry Potter- Quidditch World Cup 01

Harry Potter as Seeker at the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch

Their team special move is called the Weasley Wangler. The twins hit a bludger side to side with Alicia Spinnet with the Quaffle, the passing and special move chasers try to defend the keeper, but they get scared, At last the keeper screams as he gets pelted by a bludger and Alicia scores.

(10 points)

(Also significantly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)


Ravenclaw's team special move, The Burdish of Raven, is the most offensively powerful of all the teams, at Hogwarts or elsewhere. First, the 3 chasers go up in the air, the passing and special move chasers gaze in awe as they loop and go down, as they pass, Roger Davies punches the special move chaser, Randolph Burrow kicks the passing chaser, leaving the way clear for Jeremy Stretton to shoot, then Randolph Burrow scores, and finally, Roger Davies scores.

(30 points)


The Cedric Swoop'n'Swagger is quite a long move. First, they are in possession of the quaffle, when the passing and special move chasers from the other team are in hot pursuit of it. Preece fires the quaffle to Macavoy, avoiding the passing chaser, then Macavoy passes it to Applebee, who passes it to Macavoy who avoids the special move chaser, then she passes it to Preece who does a ground shot which the force lifts it up into the air so it goes in a hoop, then Macavoy passes it to Applebee, then she scores.

(20 points)

(Slightly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)


The Zeeburger Slither is very brutal. All the players, except Malfoy and Bletchley knock the opponent passing and special move chasers out of the way with the tackle and shoot chaser screaming, then they use cobbing on the keeper (no penalty), Then Montague scores, Pucey kicks it to Flint, who scores it again.

(20 points)

(Slightly reduces opponent's Snitch Bar)

Hogwarts commentators



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Quidditch pitch

The Hogwarts Quidditch pitch appears exactly as it does in the Harry Potter films. Multicoloured spectator stands surround a neatly manicured lawn outlined in white. Golden goal hoops stand at either end of the ovular pitch.

Bonus Quidditch pitch: Queerditch Marsh

One of the unlockables in the game is the first appearance of the site of Quidditch's invention, Queerditch Marsh. This pitch is sloppily defined by a faded white oval on a relatively flat area of English marshland. Rickety stands rise from the oval's edges. Instead of constructed goal hoops, Chasers throw the Quaffle through large birds' nests in the two trees on either end of the pitch. A thin brook runs across the length of the oval.

Only Hogwarts teams may play on Queerditch Marsh.


External links

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Behind the scenes

  • Ireland is not included in the game as a playable team despite being the cannonical team to win the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.
  • It is the only audiovisual production in all of the Harry Potter franchise in which characters talk directly to the camera. In the introduction of this game we see Harry and Oliver Wood dressed in their Gryffindor Quidditch team uniforms instructing the player the basic commands and objectives of the gameplay. All of the Hogwarts teams introduce themselves to the player (and so does one member of each available country) with Harry, Draco, Cho and Cedric giving the audience instructions and commenting on how good or bad they preformed.
  • A simplified version of the Game Boy Advance version of Quidditch World Cup is included as a minigame in the Nintendo DS version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, using the same control scheme. Only Hogwarts teams are present, however.
  • In the Game Boy Advance version, the Hogwarts Inter-House Cup schedule is not the same as what is known of the school schedule. For example, Gryffindor plays the other three Houses in the order of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff in the Game Boy Advance version, whereas the Gryffindor team played in the order of Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw from at least 1991-1997, and likely more years before and after.

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