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Dobby: "Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free."
Lucius Malfoy: "What-? I didn't give- (sees Harry's missing a sock) You've lost me my servant!...Avada...'"
Harry Potter frees Dobby[src]

This sock that once belonged to Harry Potter was given to the house-elf Dobby by Lucius Malfoy (his master). Harry tricked Lucius Malfoy by presenting him with Tom Riddle's Diary, shoved inside this sock. When Lucius Malfoy took the diary out of the sock, he threw the useless piece of clothing and Dobby caught it, making him free. Dobby kept that sock on until the day he died.

Another sock of Harry's was used to hold his Sneakoscope and also later given to Dobby.

Behind the scenes


(It can be assumed that the sock has appeared in every book Dobby appeared in, as Dobby said he always wore it.)

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