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Harry Potter's letter to Sirius Black
Letter information

Harry Potter


Sirius Black

Date of writing

25 May 1995


Harry describes events that took place the previous night.

Delivered via

Unidentified school owl

"Harry, Ron, and Hermione had crept out of their dormitories very early and hurried up to the Owlery together to send a note to Sirius."
—Harry, Ron and Hermione about to send the letter.[src]

This letter was written by Harry Potter on 25 May, 1995. The letter detailed the events of the previous night, where Harry, while talking with Viktor Krum, encountered a seemingly insane Barty Crouch Sr. The trio didn't send this letter at once, because, while hurrying to the Owlery, they met Fred and George Weasley.[1]


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Chapter 29 (The Dream)

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