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Harry Potter's eleventh birthday

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Harry Potter's eleventh birthday
Event information



31 July, 1991

"It's not everyday yer young man turns eleven, now, is it?"
Rubeus Hagrid[src]

On Harry Potter's eleventh birthday, Vernon Dursley attempted to evade Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter by fleeing to Hut-on-the-Rock. Regardless, Rubeus Hagrid, gamekeeper of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, flew to the secluded hut. He subsequently broke down the door, threatened the Dursleys and handed Harry his very first birthday cake.

"Yer a wizard, Harry"
Rubeus Hagrid[src]

Hagrid, upon breaking into the hut, was astonished to learn that Harry had been told nothing truthful about who he really was, and what had actually happened to his parents. The gamekeeper expressed his fury to the Dursleys and told Harry that he was a wizard. He later explained who Lord Voldemort was and how he killed James and Lily Potter. He then proceeded to give Dudley Dursley a pig tail after Vernon insulted Albus Dumbledore.

Once Hagrid and Harry had left the hut they proceeded to go to Diagon Alley where Harry would get his school supplies and Hagrid would present Harry with a beautiful Snowy Owl, which Harry would name Hedwig.



Rubeus Hagrid's birthday cake to Harry.

Notes and references

  1. It was not seen nor mentioned, but as he turned eleven when he got the letter in book and film, it can for safe be said that it was his birthday in the video game
Happy Birthday Harry

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