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Hannah Abbott's mother

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Mrs. Abbott was the mother of the Hufflepuff student, Hannah Abbott. During the Second Wizarding War, Mrs. Abbott was found dead in her home, having been killed by Death Eaters. When Hannah was informed of this during a Herbology class, she was removed from Hogwarts.


It is probable that she was born in Great Britain, as her daughter was hailed from here to have attended Hogwarts. Mrs. Abbott may also have attended Hogwarts, and if she did she was probably in Hufflepuff House.[1] What is known is that Mrs. Abbott was a member of the pure-blood Abbott family, and that sometime during her life she had a child named Hannah. Mrs. Abbott was murdered in the autumn of 1996 in her home by the Death Eaters, a fact that devastated her daughter.



  1. Slughorn states that family members are often Sorted into the same house.

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