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"I entered a leafy glade, only to be confronted by a pair of prowling Gytrashes. These large dog-like spirits barred my way and so, whipping out my trusty wand, I cast Lumos to illuminate its tip, whereupon the Gytrashes retreated from the light and I was free to pass through the forest unmolested."
Gilderoy Lockhart[src]

The Gytrash is a large, vicious, nocturnal white dog. This very fast brute runs wild throughout woodlands, such as the Forbidden Forest of Scotland and the New Forest in England. It has a very strong sense of smell.

Gytrashes will usually run in packs of two to six members, and will co-operate in the hunting of larger prey such as humans. They blend into the darkness until they are mere feet away from their prey, at which point their very dim silvery glow can be made visible. They will lunge very quickly and bite the prey, and then retreat before making another attack; two or three bites can prove fatal to a twelve-year old.

Luckily, the Gytrash is very sensitive to light and a simple Wand-Lighting Charm, a spell taught in the first year of most magical schools, can be used to temporarily hold the Gytrash at bay; holding the wandlight close enough will cause the Gytrash to disappear entirely.

Behind the scenes

  • The Gytrash is a creature in English folklore, and is described as a black dog, that also sometimes took the form of a spectral mule. It is similar, and possibly related, to the Grim.


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