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A gun is a Muggle weapon that fires projectiles, such as a pistol, rifle, or cannon. Wizards describe guns as "a kind of metal wand that Muggles use to kill each other".[1]


At some point in or prior to 1991, Dudley Dursley swapped a pet parrot for a real, live air rifle.[2]

In 1991, Vernon Dursley bought a rifle to protect his family during their stay at the Hut-on-the-Rock, but when the half-giant Rubeus Hagrid visited them on the island unexpectedly, he easily destroyed the rifle by bending it into a knot.[2]

When Sirius Black pulled out his wand in an attempt to kill Peter Pettigrew for his treason, the Muggle witnesses thought he brought out a gun.[1] Later, after his escape from Azkaban, Muggle news reports stated that he was carrying a gun.[1] Arthur Weasley also had a report on firearms, assigned to him by the Auror Office during the hunt for Black, that was a month overdue.[3]

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