This Quidditch match took place on Saturday 8 March 1997[1] between the Gryffindor and the Hufflepuff Quidditch teams.[2]


Before the match

On 1 March 1997, Ronald Weasley was almost killed inadvertently by Horace Slughorn after offering him mead that had been poisoned. He was sent to the Hospital Wing for recovery. That night Cormac McLaggen waited up in the common room for Harry Potter to ensure that he would play Keeper for next week's match against Hufflepuff. All during the week McLaggen offered unwanted advice on strategy, which led Harry to avoid him as much as possible.[3]

On the morning of Saturday 8 March, the day of the match, Harry visited Ron in the Hospital Wing as he was not able to participate, or even attend, the match. On his way to the pitch he ran across Draco Malfoy, and two girls, who were heading somewhere other than the pitch.[2]

Arriving at the changing rooms, Ginevra Weasley demanded where he had been as the whole team was changed and Beaters Ritchie Coote and Jimmy Peakes, were hitting their clubs against their legs nervously.[2]

During the match

Rolanda Hooch was once again referee for the match and Luna Lovegood was providing commentary. Zacharias Smith, who provided commentary for the previous match, took the Quaffle initially but Ginny flew into him and took the ball. Cadwallader, whose name Luna thought was Bibble or Buggins, then took the Quaffle back for Hufflepuff and scored, putting Hufflepuff in the lead 10-0.[2]

After Harry accosted McLaggen for criticising Ginny, she and fellow Chaser Demelza Robins each scored making it 20-10 for Gryffindor.[2] Cadwallader scored shortly after tying up the score. While Luna noted interestingly shaped clounds and speculated on whether Smith had Loser's Lurgy, each team scored a few more goals, making it 70-40 for Hufflepuff, which Professor McGonagall had to announce.[2]

Luna announced that McLaggan had taken a beaters bat, and Harry saw that he was trying to instruct Peakes on how to hit a Bludger towards an oncoming Cadwallader. He however mishit it and knocked Harry out, sending him to the hospital wing.[2]


Harry suffered a cracked skull and Gryffindor lost the match 320* to 60.[2] He and Ron were released from the hospital wing a couple days later on Monday 10 March.[4]


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