This Quidditch match took place early in 1992 between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Quidditch teams. Severus Snape, head of Slytherin House, was the referee.[1]


Before the match

After the second term had started, Quidditch practise resumed and Oliver Wood was working the Gryffindor team harder than ever, despite the endless rain that had replaced the snow.[1] During a particularly wet and muddy practise, Wood chastised Fred and George Weasley for dive-bombing each other and pretending to fall off their broom, announcing that Snape would be refereeing the next match, much to the team's surprise and outrage. Harry Potter was especially worried as he believed that Snape had tried to jinx his broom during Gryffindor's match against Slytherin earlier that school year, a concern that only heightened in the weeks leading up to the match.[1]

Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger shared in this concern, and wished Harry a solemn good luck outside the locker rooms in the afternoon right before the match. Wood gave a pep talk, but Harry hardly heard a word of it. He took Harry aside and encouraged him to capture the Golden Snitch early, before Snape could favour Hufflepuff too much.[1] Harry's worries about Snape attempting to hurt him were alleviated when Fred noticed that even Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had come to watch the match.[1]

During the match

The game got off to a rough start as Hufflepuff was awarded a penalty by Snape as George had hit a Bludger at him, quickly followed by a second penalty for no reason at all.[1]

However, Harry went quickly into a spectacular dive and shooting within inches of Snape, pulled up with the Snitch in is hand, likely setting a new record as no one could ever remember the Snitch being caught so quickly; the game had barely lasted five minutes.[1]


After being congratulated by Dumbledore, and carried on the shoulder of celebrating Gryffindors, Harry could not remember ever feeling happier. With this win, Gryffindor overtook Slytherin in the House Championship for the first time in seven years.[1]

After this match, when leaving the stadium alone, Harry observed Snape leave the castle during dinner and trailed him to a meeting in the Forbidden Forest with Quirinus Quirrell. Snape briefly interrogated Quirrell to find out if he had yet found a way past Fluffy, which Harry reported back to Ron and Hermione, apparently confirming their belief that Snape was after the Philosopher's Stone.[1]

Behind the scenes


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