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The Growth Charm is a charm which causes the target to become larger. During his O.W.L. exam for Charms in 1996, Harry Potter confused this spell's incantation for that of the Colour Change Charm, causing his test rat to swell to the size of a badger when he was supposed to have turned it orange. This makes it quite likely that the Growth Charm and the Colour-Changing Charm have similar incantations, as Harry mixed them up. It may be Engorgio.


Charms (class)
Wingardium leviosa
Professors: Filius Flitwick
Textbooks: The Standard Book of Spells · Achievements in Charming · Quintessence: A Quest
Charmbook writers and charm developers: Miranda Goshawk · Scarpin · Felix Summerbee · Randolph Keitch · Basil Horton · Mnemone Radford · Elliot Smethwyck · Jarleth Hobart · Delfina Crimp · Orabella Nuttley · Levina Monkstanley · Fred Weasley · George Weasley
Charms studied at Hogwarts: Levitation Charm · Fire-Making Charm · Softening Charm · Skurge · Aresto Momentum · Cheering Charm · Freezing Spell · Seize and Pull Charm · Summoning Charm · Banishing Charm · Silencing Charm · Mending Charm · Reductor Curse · Colour Change Charm · Growth Charm · Water-Making Spell · Locomotion Charm · Vinegar into Wine · Bird-Conjuring Charm

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