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Hagrid: "Ahem. Mr Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawl."
Head Goblin: "Ah. And does Mr Harry Potter have his key?"
Hagrid: "Oh wait a minute. Got it here somewhere. Aha! Here's the little devil! Oh and there's somethin' else as well. Professor Dumbledore gave me this. It's about You-Know-What in Vault You-Know-Which."
Head Goblin: "Very well."
Rubeus Hagrid to the goblin[src]

This unidentified goblin worked in the capacity of Head Goblin of Gringotts Wizarding Bank in the early 1990s.

HeadGoblin Gringotts

The Head Goblin at Gringotts

On 31 July, 1991, this goblin was making calculations when Harry Potter and Rubeus Hagrid visited the bank. The goblin summoned Griphook to aid them in performing their withdrawals.

Behind the scenes


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