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The Griffin originated in Greece. It has the front legs, wings and head of a giant eagle, and the body and hind legs, and tail of a lion. The main diet of the Griffin is raw meat. Griffins are often used by wizards as guards, and are known as fierce creatures. However, despite this, skilled Wizards have been able to befriend them. Like Sphinxes, Griffins are used by Wizards who need treasure guarding.

Over the centuries the Griffin - as with other mythological creatures - has taken many shapes. The griffin has served many purposes, including but not limited to "the vigilant guardian of treasure and of kings." They have been called "The Hounds of Zeus".

Hippogriffs are born from the breeding of Griffins and horses.

The Hogwarts Headmaster's office door has a knocker in the shape of a Griffin.

See also Wikipedia:Griffin.


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