Greenhouse Three is where Herbology classes are taught to every student, except first-years because in Greenhouse Three there are several plants that they would not be able to cope with.[1] The room has more dangerous species, such as the Venomous Tentacula, as it is for the advanced students. First year students take the class in Greenhouse One, which has no dangerous material.[2]


The greenhouse has four areas:

Greenhouse3 CoS-GBA

A Venomous Tentacula in Greenhouse Three (Chamber of Secrets video game; GBA version)

The Herbology Classroom

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This area consists on a square-shaped room, with some tables for students and one Venomous Tentacula.

Flora Faction

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This area contains all kind of flowers and several mandrakes.

Evergreen Environment

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This is an area with a lot of evergreen trees.

Vine Vicinity

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This is the largest area. It has a lot of mandrakes, slugs and flora.


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1992–1993 school year

Pomona Sprout taught her second year students how to pot young Mandrakes.

1993 and after

Pomona Sprout and eventually Neville Longbottom taught advanced Herbology here.

Behind the scenes



Greenhouse Three in the 1996-1997 school year

Notes and references

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Hogwarts class: Herbology Award · Herbology Lesson Cup · Herbology Race Cup · Herbology Store
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Herbologists: Herbert Beery · Miranda Goshawk · Elladora Ketteridge · Beaumont Marjoribanks · Nepali wizard · Phyllida Spore · Tilden Toots · Hadrian Whittle · Sir Winogrand · Selina Sapworthy
Plants Studied: Bouncing Bulb · Bubotuber · Devil's Snare · Fire Seed Bush · Mandrake · Mimbulus Mimbletonia · Puffapod · Screechsnap · Self-fertilising shrub · Snargaluff · Spiky Bush · Spiky Prickly Plant · Umbrella Flower · Venomous Tentacula · Walking plant · Whomping Willow · Wild rice