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Green Special Jinx

Special Jinx

Hand Movement





Provokes damage on the opponent.

The green Special Jinx is one of the four Special Jinxes, alongside the red, the blue and the yellow Special Jinxes.

This jinx emmits a large blast of green light from the tip of the caster's wand, accompanied by a loud, rushing noise. Of all the Special Jinxes this seems to be the most powerful, as it damages the opponent more effectively — it is, for this reason, used in dueling.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The Special Jinxes seem each to represent one of the Hogwarts Houses, through their colour and effect. This jinx seems to match Slytherin, not only because of its green colour, but also for being quite powerful (pride and a sense of superiority being distinctive qualities of students from that House).
  • There is a possibility this spell is related to Verdimillious, Verdimillious Duo, or Verdimillious Tria. Alternatively, it could be related to Verdillious, but is probably an entirely unique spell.


Notes and references

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