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[[Category:Forbidden Forest]]
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[[Category:Hagrid family]]
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Biographical information

Between 1931 and 1995[1]

Blood status


Marital status


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Sixteen feet[2]

Hair colour


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"See - he's my brother! Well - half-brother. Turns out me mother took up with another giant when she left me dad, an' she went an' had Grawp here..."
Rubeus Hagrid[src]

Grawp (b. between 1931 and 1995) was a kind, gentle giant that was known, despite standing a full sixteen feet tall, for his small stature and short height.[2] He was the son of Fridwulfa and, therefore, the maternal half-brother of Rubeus Hagrid.[2]


Early life

Around 1931, the giantess Fridwulfa abandoned her human husband Mr Hagrid and their infant child Rubeus Hagrid, a half-giant, who was smaller in stature than she wanted.[2] She consequently rejoined her own kind in the mountains, and there she found a new mate.[2] The two gave birth to the giant Grawp who, despite being a full-blooded giant, was still particularly small, and due to this he, too, was abandoned.[2] He was frequently bullied by the other giants thereafter due to his small size.[2]


"Well, tha's why it took so long, see. Could on'y travel by nigh' an' through wild country an' stuff. Course, he covers the ground pretty well when he wants ter, but he kep' wantin' ter go back."

Rubeus Hagrid, along with his newly-found friend Olympe Maxime, paid a visit to a tribe of giants in June of 1995, on the orders of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in an attempt to bring the giants over as allies of the Order of the Phoenix in the war against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.[4]

After three days at the giant camp, Hagrid discovered his half-brother Grawp and dragged Grawp back to Hogwarts with him due to the bullying he knew Grawp had received.[2] Despite his previous abuse, Grawp continuously attempted to return to the camp, but Hagrid forced him through England against his will.[2]


Grawp in the Forest

Hagrid kept Grawp in the Forbidden Forest for months, teaching him manners and pieces of English as they went.[2] The other inhabitants of the forest, namely the centaurs, noticed these attempts and tried to warn Hagrid that his trial was futile.[5]


By the next year, however, Grawp had become much more docile and lost his violent edge.[6] He attended the Funeral of Albus Dumbledore, standing in clothes the size of marquees.[6] By this time he had developed a large sense of compassion, his head bent with sorrow, and patted his half-brother to comfort him, unintentionally smashing him into the ground due to his immense strength.[6]


In March of 1998, he and his brother ran from the Death Eaters due to the two of them having held a Support Harry Potter party at Hagrid's Hut in the Death Eater-controlled school.[7]

On 1 May of that same year, Hagrid and Grawp heard Voldemort's magically enhanced voice from their cave, delivering an ultimatum of handing Harry Potter over to him or else starting a battle.[8] Grawp carried Hagrid and their boarhound Fang, smashing right through the boundaries and then launching Hagrid and Fang together as one through the window of the First Floor Corridor, in which Harry was wandering, and then stumbled off to join the fight below.[8]

Later on, Grawp was seen alive but very angry, attacking Voldemort's giants head-first as he roared in fury.[9] Aided by the centaurs, they were quickly defeated and Grawp moved on to helping others in the fight.[9]

Grawp eventually survived the battle, and students threw food into his laughing mouth as they celebrated the recent victory in the battle but mourned the loss of the dead.[9]

Personality and traits

DH2 Concept Art Battle of Hogwarts with Grawp

Grawp was aggressive and violent, both common traits for a true giant, and was known to attack his brother when in a foul mood[2]. Despite this, Grawp loved his brother dearly and was badly upset when left alone in June of 1996.[10]

Grawp had great difficulties learning, however, as it took nearly a year to tame him, and even then he could barely speak comprehensible English.[6] After nearly three years, he could still only just talk properly, and could not pronounce long or difficult words such as "Hermione", which he said as "Hermy", and "Hagrid", which he pronounced as "Hagger".[9]


Behind the scenes


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Notes and references

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