The Graphorn is a dangerous and aggressive magical creature, native to the mountains of Europe.

The Graphorn is large and hump-backed, with grayish-purple skin tougher than that of dragons. It can repel most spells, has two golden horns, and walks on large four-thumbed feet. It's mouth is made of tentacle-like appendages, that is used to grab food and put it in it's mouth. It also uses these to show affection.


Newton Scamander had the last pair of breeding Graphorns, along with young Graphorns, in his suitcase during his visit to New York in 1926.[1]

Mountain Trolls were reported to be riding Graphorns through Hungary in 2020.[2]


Its horn is a highly prized potion ingredient, used in potions like the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons.[3] Graphorns are sometimes used as mounts by Mountain Trolls, but the Graphorn does not like it - it is more common to see mountain trolls covered in scars from a Graphorn.

In the Study of Ancient Runes, the Graphorn's two sharp horns are used to represent the number two.[4]


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