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The Graphorn is a dangerous aggressive magical creature, native to the mountains of Europe.


The graphorn is large and hump-backed, with greyish-purple skin tougher than that of dragons. It can repel most spells, has two golden horns, and walks on large four-thumbed feet.


Its Horn is a highly prized potion ingredient, used in potions like the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons.[1] Graphorns are sometimes used as mounts by Mountain Trolls, but the Graphorn does not like it - it is more common to see mountain trolls covered in scars from a Graphorn.

In the Study of Ancient Runes, the Graphorn's two sharp horns are used to represent the number two.[2]


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Known Runes: Acromantula · Demiguise · Ehwaz · Eihwaz · Fwooper · Graphorn · Hydra · Quintaped · Runespoor · Salamander · Unicorn · Unknown · Mark of Merlin

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