Gormless Morgan was the primary character of Miranda Goshawk's poem "The Rhyme of Gormless Morgan". As with all of the characters in these poems, he was based on a real wizard, with his name changed to protect his identity. Morgan was a magical creature hunter who was hired to capture the Gorgon, but failed due to his inability to come up with a decent plan, despite his friends' advice.

According to Goshawk's "Afterword", the traits Morgan lacked were cunning and shrewdness.


The wizard Gormless Morgan was based on was a magical creature hunter of some form. At a young age, his boss gave him the task of capturing the Gorgon, who had turned a number of men who had ventured into her domain into stone statues.

Though both his boss and his friends advised that Morgan take a while and think up a good plan to tackle the Gorgon so that he would not be petrified himself, Morgan ignored their advice. He thought that sneaking up behind her and trapping her in a truss would be a good enough plan.

When he went to enact his plan, however, he found that the Gorgon owned a mirror, which she used for the express purpose of guarding against anyone that may try to sneak up behind her. When their eyes met in the mirror, Morgan was immediately Petrified, thus failing in his task. It is unknown if Morgan was ever able to be rescued from his fate and given an antidote such as a Mandrake Restorative Draught.

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