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|family=[[Grogan Stump]] (possibly)
|family=*[[Tobias Stump]] (possibly)
*[[Grogan Stump]] (possibly)

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Google Stump
Google Stump
Biographical information

Before 1991 (possibly)

Physical information




Hair colour


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Family information
Family members

Google Stump was a shy and stuttering wizard. He had some portraits of himself hung in Hogwarts Castle. In 1994 one of them hung in the Tapestry Corridor and by 1995, a portrait was in the Viaduct Entrance. Stump's portrait guarded a secret passage from there to the first floor corridor. No one had told him the password. When confronted by Harry Potter, who asked if he was really doing his job if no one used his shortcut, the portrait told the student the password. The password, Volo futurus unus, meaning in Latin "I want to be alone", brings out the shyness of the wizard. Later in the school year, he directed Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to the portrait of Giffard Abbott to obtain the password to access the shortcut behind Percival Pratt's portrait.

Google Stump

His portrait

Behind the scenes

  • He may have been related to former Minister of Magic Grogan Stump.
  • This individual may have died sometime prior to 1991, as many portraits hung at Hogwarts depict deceased individuals.
  • His first name is Google, possibly derived from the popular search engine Google. This is further implied when one of the other portraits describes him as a "man with answers."


Notes and references

  1. Seen when Hermione says, Staircases change, remember.

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