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Goodwin's Chocolate Extravaganza
Goodwin's Chocolate Extravaganza
Food information

Goodwin's Finest Ice Cream


Muggle world



Goodwin's Chocolate Extravaganza was a Muggle brand of chocolate ice cream, produced in Leavesden by Goodwin's Finest Ice Cream.[1] One could contact them on "Freephone" 0080-000000.


Vernon Dursley eating this brand of ice-cream.

The Dursleys kept at least a box of this ice cream in their refrigerator, which was eaten in the summer of 1995 by Vernon Dursley.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • It can be seen on the box that it's a new recipe that made it more creamy, which means there have been another recipe for this one.


Notes and references

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