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[[fr:Gondoline Oliphant]]
[[fr:Gondoline Oliphant]]
[[it:Gondoline Oliphant]]
[[Category:1720 births|Oliphant, Gondoline]]
[[Category:1720 births|Oliphant, Gondoline]]
[[Category:1799 deaths]]
[[Category:1799 deaths]]

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Gondoline Oliphant (1720-1799) was a witch made famous for studying the life and habits of trolls. In 1799, she was clubbed to death in the Cotswolds while sketching. [1]

There was a bust of her at Hogwarts Castle, on a secret passage leading from the fourth floor to the second floor. [2]


  • The name Gondoline is perhaps a further nod to Tolkien: in the Silmarillion, there was an Elven city called Gondolin, which remained hidden for centuries before being destroyed.
  • The surname Oliphant is derived from an archaic English word for "elephant." J.R.R. Tolkien included huge, elephant-like creatures known as oliphaunts in his novel The Lord of the Rings.


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