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|name=Golden flame
|name=Golden flame
|incantation=Aureus Ignis

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"As the pain from Harry’s scar forced his eyes shut, his wand acted of its own accord. He felt it drag his hand around like some great magnet, saw a spurt of golden fire through his half-closed eyelids, heard a crack and a scream of fury."

Lucius' wand cracks.

This was a spell that Harry Potter's wand shot at Lord Voldemort, of its own accord during the Battle of the Seven Potters. The spell was powerful enough that it broke Lucius Malfoy's wand.

It was later explained to Harry that the reason his wand had acted the way it did was due to the unique connection between himself and Voldemort. His wand had sensed Voldemort's presence both as "brother" and "mortal enemy" and reacted, despite the fact that Voldemort was using another wand at the time. This could have been the spell Voldemort cast just before the Battle of Hogwarts.[1]

Known practitioners


  • The colour of this spell is golden in the book, but in the film it is red like the disarming charm in a split second, then turns into the typically triple-colour flame (red, orange and yellow).


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