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"Bill! Thank God, thank God –"
Molly Weasley hugs her son Bill after the Battle of the Seven Potters.[src]

God is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent being as defined by certain theistic and deistic religions (and other belief systems) who is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe. In many Muggle societies, God is usually a central figure in their religions.

Many wizard, witches and Muggles often use terms such as thank God and oh my God to express excitement, shock, awe, dismay, or supplication; analogous to the wizard-used Merlin's beard.


"So that's little Scorpius. Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank God you inherited your mother's brains."
Ron Weasley to his daughter upon seeing Scorpius in 2017[src]

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