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"Be on guard if you lose a point with one of these in this popular wizarding game."

A game of Gobstones, "Snake Pit" Rules.

Gobstones is a game mostly popular amongst wizarding children[1] played with special stones, similar to the Muggle game of marbles except that when a player loses a point, the gobstone then spits a putrid liquid at the player.


In its standard play, a Gobstones player must capture all fifteen of their opponent's stones before the same is done to them.[1]

There are three other popular variants of Gobstones, however: "Classic" Game (where you have to knock seven Gobstones out of the circle before your opponent does), "Jack Stone" Game (where after four snaps your Gobstone must be the one closest to the Jack Gobstone) and the "Snake Pit" Game (which is similar to "Jack Stone", however instead of a Jack Gobstone there’s a hole on the centre of the circle).[2]

Clubs, associations, and leagues

There currently exist numerous Gobstones clubs and leagues. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has various Gobstones Clubs. Most students own their own set of gobstones. Hogwarts' competitive Gobstones Team even held matches with other wizarding schools.

Eileen Prince, mother of Severus Snape, was Team Captain in her time. There is also an International Gobstones League, officiated from the Official Gobstones Club Offices, on the Department of Magical Games and Sports (level seven of the Ministry of Magic). There is also a National Welsh Gobstones Team, which competed in the Gobstones competition, the Gobstones Tournament. The National Gobstone Association hosts a Gobstones World Championship.[1]

National Gobstones Teams

Gobstones Clubs at Hogwarts

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Gobstones expel a putrid fluid at the losing player.



A gobstone.

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