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[[es:Cofre del cáliz de fuego]]
[[nl:Kist van de Vuurbeker]]
[[nl:Kist van de Vuurbeker]]
[[Category:Triwizard Tournament objects]]
[[Category:Triwizard Tournament objects]]

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" […] a great wooden chest encrusted with jewels. It looked extremely old."

This casket was a wooden chest encrusted with jewels, in which the Goblet of Fire was stored when not in use in a Triwizard Tournament.[1] It looked ancient,[1] probably as old as the Tournament itself, which had its first edition in around 1294.[2] When tapped three times with one's wand, the lid creaked slowly open.[1]

Behind the scenes


Albus Dumbledore melting and vanishing the casket

  • In the films, the casket is a very large container, bigger than an average adult. Instead of opening it like in the book, Albus Dumbledore uses his wand to slowly melt and Vanish it. Also, instead of just Argus Filch as in the book, in the film, four men have to carry it due to its weight. However, like in the book, in the film, the casket was made of wood, was gilded and had lots of incrusted jewels, and had a very old appearance (with medieval drawings on its side).


Notes and references

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