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A Goblin, a speaker of Gobbledegook.

"Over the murmur of the river he could make out more voices, but they were not speaking English or any human language he had ever heard. It was a rough and unmelodious tongue, a string of rattling, guttural noises..."
—Harry Potter overhears Griphook and Gornuk converse in Gobbledegook.[src]

Gobbledegook is the native language of the goblins. Barty Crouch Sr., Dirk Cresswell, and Albus Dumbledore are known non-Goblin speakers. It has been described as a harsh, rasping language, which makes it sound distinctly inhuman.

Known uses

Known words

  • Bladvak means "pickaxe" in Gobbledegook, according to Ludovic Bagman.


Gobbledygook, or Gibberish, are synonyms of the word "nonsense". It's likely that wizards started calling the language Gobbledegook, because it sounded unlike any language they knew and seemed just gibberish in their ears. It's possible or even likely, that Gobbledegook language is referred to with an completely different word in Gobbledegook.

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