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Glass to sand shield


Hand Movement

Point in targeted direction


Turns any glass that crosses into the area of effect into sand.

Glass to sand shield is a transforming spell that causes any glass that comes within a certain radius of the caster to be transfigured into sand. It looks blue, almost like water, and surrounds the caster in a half-circle.

Known uses

Effect of the Shield (Glass into Sand)
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Behind the scenes

  • This spell only appears in the film adaptation of the Duel in the Ministry Atrium.
  • As glass is made principally from sand to begin with, the actual purpose of this spell may be more along the lines of disintegration, or transfiguration into a simpler state, rather than specifically glass-to-sand but it is possible that because glass is made from sand the shield simply reverts something from its current state back into what it was made from.


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