Gladys Boothby was a broom-maker known for creating the Moontrimmer in 1901. She was a skilled broom-maker, as her Moontrimmer could achieve greater heights then other period brooms while still remaining controllable. The Moontrimmer's popularly overwhelmed Boothby, however, and she went out of business when she became unable to keep up with demand, a common problem among broom-makers of the period.[2]


"Gladys" is from the old Welsh name Gwladus, possibly derived from gwlad "country". It has historically been used as a Welsh form of Claudia. This name became popular outside of Wales after it was used in Ouida's novel 'Puck' (1870).


Notes and references

  1. If she made a broom-stick in 1901, she must have at the very least been of age by then.
  2. Quidditch Through the Ages, Chapter 9 (The Development of the Racing Broom)