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Lockhart's wand
Gilderoy Lockhart's wand
History information

Before 1992


Gilderoy Lockhart


Gilderoy Lockhart

Material information



Dragon heartstring


9 inches


Slightly bendy

The wand of Gilderoy Lockhart was nine inches, made of cherry with a dragon heartstring core, and was described as "slightly bendy".[1] He most likely purchased it when he first attended Hogwarts in c. 1975. Lockhart was not able to do many spells, but was a master at the use of Memory Charms.[2] The wand was described as expensive.[3]

Harry Potter disarmed Lockhart in 1993 when the latter tried to use a Memory Charm against him and his friend, Ron Weasley.[2] It is unknown what happened to it after Ron threw it out the open window of Lockhart's office.

Behind the scenes

Lockhart's wand - Pottermore

Lockhart's wand in Pottermore

  • In the film version of the second book, Lockhart was forced to drop his wand onto the floor when Harry and Ron pointed theirs at him before he had a chance to point it properly at them.
  • While uniquely crafted wands did not appear for essentially any character in the films until the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lockhart's Chamber of Secrets film wand has a unique handle of a darker wood than the rest of the wand, with a lily pommel, similar to how wand props in the latter movies would be constructed.


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