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"A wonderful book from Gilderoy Lockhart, who really knows his household pests."

Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests is one of the many books written by Gilderoy Lockhart. It includes advice on how to get rid of household pests.

It can be assumed that Gilderoy Lockhart is not the real author, due to his fraudulence, although the real author is never identified. Similarly, the methods inscribed within may not have been devised by Lockhart, but instead by someone else.


Molly Weasley used it to find instructions on how to get rid of the Doxies that were in the curtains at 12 Grimmauld Place[1], and at The Burrow, to help Harry, Ron, and Fred and George get rid of the gnomes in the Burrow's garden, but the twins said that they already knew how without the help of the book. In Mrs Weasley's opinion, it was a "wonderful book" and she felt that Lockhart really knew his household pests.[2]

Behind the scenes

Gilderoy-lockharts-guide-to-household-pests (minalima)
  • Unlike most of Lockhart's other works, it actually provides practical advice, though most if not all of it was likely devised by other wizards or witches, whose memories were later removed via Memory Charms.
  • As with certain of Lockhart's other works, the cover image, rather than concerning the subject, instead features a portrait of the author.


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