The wand of Gilderoy Lockhart was nine inches, made of cherry with a dragon heartstring core, and was described as "slightly bendy".[1] He most likely purchased it when he first attended Hogwarts in around 1975. Lockhart was not able to do many spells, but was a master at the use of Memory Charms.[2] The wand was described as expensive.[3]

Harry Potter disarmed Lockhart in 1993 when the latter tried to use a Memory Charm against him and his friend, Ron Weasley.[2] It is unknown what happened to it after Ron threw it out the open window of Lockhart's office.

Behind the scenes

  • Wands constructed from cherry are usually misinterpreted by Western purchasers for frivolous or merely ornamental reasons, as they make a wand of truly lethal power, regardless of core. However, a cherry wand with dragon heartstring core should never be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind.[4] Lockhart possessing such a wand may be due to his vain nature seeing the wand's physical beauty, and his magical and intellectual ineptitude from years of skill neglect has caused more damage than good via this wand's power.
  • In the film version of the second book, Lockhart was forced to drop his wand onto the floor when Harry and Ron pointed theirs at him before he had a chance to point it properly at them.
  • While uniquely crafted wands did not appear for essentially any character in the films until the Prisoner of Azkaban, Lockhart's Chamber of Secrets film wand has a unique handle of a darker wood than the rest of the wand, with a lily pommel, similar to how wands in the latter movies would be constructed.


Lockhart's wand - Pottermore

Lockhart's wand in Pottermore

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