"The most efficient way of dealing with this potato-headed garden blight is to Flipendo the little blighter, grab him by the legs and fling him over a low wall or hedgerow – preferably not into your neighbour's smaller and less cared for garden!"
Gilderoy Lockhart, Marauding with Monsters.[src]

This garden was owned by the individual who lived next-door to Gilderoy Lockhart. It was reportedly smaller and less cared for than Gilderoy's eight acre-long and well-manicured garden.

In Marauding with Monsters, Lockhart wrote about his previous experiences of dealing with Horklumps and Gnomes. He also implied he had at least once thrown Gnomes from his to his neighbour's garden.[1] The veracity of these events is doubtful, given Lockhart's theft of other people's achievements.


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