"Gnomes are rather more threatening than the inert and somewhat tedious Horklump. These little pests are endemic to even the most well-tended garden – like my own, for example, which stretches to eight, well-manicured acres."
Gilderoy Lockhart, Marauding with Monsters.[src]

Gilderoy Lockhart owned an eight acre-long garden which he allegedly kept very well-tended. Lockhart seemed very proud of his garden, terming suburban yards to be squares of "scrub and turf" compared to his and writing that his neighbour's was by far smaller and less cared for.

In Marauding with Monsters, Lockhart wrote about his previous experiences of dealing with Horklumps and Gnomes. He also claimed that the occasional Gnome can be found even in his garden.[1] The veracity of these events is doubtful, given Lockhart's theft of other people's achievements.


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