"The Gigglewater is non-negotiable."
Seraphina Picquery, President of MACUSA[src]

Gigglewater is a wizarding alcoholic beverage that was circulated in the United States.[1]

Pinnock was one brand of Gigglewater sold in the 1920s. Its ingredients included Chortle extract.

True to its name, Gigglewater may cause the drinker to laugh out loud when consumed.[2]


Despite the American No-Majs enforcing Prohibition during the 1920s, Seraphina Picquery's stance on the matter was, as she famously put it to her Chief of Staff, that "Gigglewater is non-negotiable".[1]


  • Gigglewater or giggle water are slang words which really exist. Indeed, it's of the American slang to refer to an "intoxicating beverage, alcohol" as such during the Prohibition.[3] It was especially used when describing champagne.[4]


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