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"Pass, friend to Hufflepuff!"
—Giffard Abbott[src]

Giffard Abbott was a wizard. There are portraits of him hanging in Hogwarts Castle. He had a pet dog. He seemed to have access to a source of food, because Damara Dodderidge frequently asked him if he had any to give her.[3]



Giffard may have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was probably Sorted into Hufflepuff. He was appointed Headmaster of Hogwarts at an unknown point.

1992-1993 school year

In early 1993, Giffard had a portrait at the Grand Staircase, hung immediately below the first-floor landing. As it was placed in an inaccessible place, it is unlikely he guarded any shortcut to another part of the school.[4]

1995-1996 school year

One of his portraits was hanging at the Grand Staircase, guarding the shortcut to the Transfiguration Courtyard, under the password "Dragon's Egg".[3] There was another set of portraits of him, hiding another hidden passageway between the Clock Tower and the corridor outside the Library; the password needed to gain access to this shortcut was "Tempus neminem manet".[5]

1996-1997 school year

Giffard's portrait was moved to another landing of the Grand Staircase, during the next school year. However, he still guarded a secret passage to the same place in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Its password became "Light Against Darkness". He had a penchant for sighing wistfully, "Oh, to be young again!", when approached.[6]

Behind the scenes

  • Giffard died prior to early 1993, as the portraits hung at Hogwarts depict deceased individuals.[7] His clothes indicate that he most likely lived during the Middle Ages.
  • It is possible that Abbott's portrait is a reference to a portrait of Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire by Titian.


  • "Giffard" is from an English surname, which was derived from the Germanic given name "Gebhard".[8]
  • "Abbott" is a Middle English surname.[9]


Notes and references

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