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Mrs. Gibson was an American No-Maj woman in the early 20th century.[1][2]

Gibson was an important witness in the trial of Mrs. Hall for the 14 September 1926 murders of Reverend Hall and Mrs. Mills.[1][2] She testified that she saw Mrs. Hall on De Russey Lane with a male companion, presumed to be her accomplice, on the night of the murders, stating she was able to see their faces due to a passing car.[1][2] George Sipel was subpoenaed to confirm Mrs. Gibson's report that the vehicle was driven by him.[1][2] She claimed that she heard that Sipel had told his friend, John Garry, that he had seen her on the night of the murders.[1][2] Sipel denied this allegation and reportedly showed a "frantic eagerness" to avoid testifying.[1][2] Mrs. Gibson reportedly recorded her sighting of Mrs. Hall and her companion in her calendar diary.[1][2]

Nellie Lo Russell testified that, on the night of the murders, Mrs. Gibson had visited her and spent time at her own home, thus seeming to indicate that she could not have seen Mrs. Hall in De Dursey Lane.[1][2] However, the testimony of Sipel apparently discredited this alternative testimony from Nellie Lo Russell.[1][2]

The trial was reported on in the 6 December 1926 issue of the New York Chronicle.[1]

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