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"That lot from across the marsh have been at it again. Playing a stupid game on their broomsticks."
—Translated excerpt from Gertie Keddle's diary[src]

Gertie Keddle was a witch who lived on the edge of Queerditch Marsh in Manchester, England in the 11th century.[1][2]

A rather uneducated witch by wizarding standards of the time, Gertie kept a diary in "badly spelled" Saxon, and only knew the name of one day of the week (Tuesday). In her diary, she chronicled the evolution of the "stupid game" the wizards from across the marsh played, that would later become Quidditch. She thought that the lot who played it, including her friend, Gwenog, were idiots. Gertie also owned a cabbage patch in which a leather ball, presumably the first ever Quaffle, landed.


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