‘Gellert Grindelwald’s Paris rally was a short but fateful skirmish during Grindelwald’s campaign of violence across Europe.


Background information

Grindelwald's speech

Three months after escaping from prison, Gellert Grindelwald called a meeting for his followers in the Lestrange family Mausoleum. There, he gave a rousing speech, in which he shared his idealist perspective of Muggles, as well as his vision of the future, which holds another great and terrible war, with images of what was to come. Openly recognising the battalion of Aurors that had infiltrated the rally, Grindelwald invited them into the circle. Noticing a young witch staring contemptuously at an Auror, he describes how the Aurors have fought him so mercilessly, killing his followers simply for believing. When the girl went for her wand, the Auror killed her in response. Grindelwald martyred the girl, before commanding his followers to Disapparate from the scene while he faced off against the Aurors.

The battle

When Theseus Scamander set his men to engage Gellert Grindelwald, the latter conjured a circle of protective fire around himself (Protego Diabolica), and added an enchantment designed to test the loyalty of his followers: those who entered with complete fidelity and believed in his cause would survive; those who did not, would be engulfed and perish. Vinda Rosier, who was already very loyal to him, joined Grindelwald into the circle and proceeded to Apparate. Out of curiosity, Credence Barebone and Abernathy followed, and out of concern for her friends, Queenie Goldstein did likewise, much to the horror of her sister Tina. Krall was not truly loyal to Grindelwald and he died crossing into the fire. He would not be the first, many Aurors died either fleeing or fighting when Grindelwald manipulated the fire to work as a weapon as well, sending balls and bursts of black fire towards his enemies, annihilating them. Ultimately, about half a dozen of the fifty Aurors Theseus had brought along accepted his offer and joined him in the circle as well.

Grindelwald proceeded to mock Newton Scamander, who was fighting by Tina's side, whether he thought Albus Dumbledore would mourn for him. The Dark Lord battled him and Theseus Scamander. Leta Lestrange screamed to him to stop, which he did and, in response, offered her to join his ranks. She refused, however, and cast a curse that blasted to pieces his skull hookah and attacked him, only to be killed by Grindelwald in retaliation. Having struck down Leta, Grindelwald let out his fury over losing such a valuable tool by unleashing the deadly blue fire, and letting it run rampant, with the intent on destroying the entirety of Paris, and all of those present along with it, before he departed the scene.

At some point during this time, Scamander's Niffler stole Grindelwald's blood pact he had with Dumbledore.

Fortunately, Nicolas Flamel joined Newt and his allies to defeat the expanding blue flame and save Paris.


Newt Scamander tragically lost his beloved Leta Lestrange, which finally compelled him to openly join the fight against the most dangerous Dark wizard of his age. The group traveled to Hogwarts Castle to meet with Dumbledore. There, Scamander presented the aforementioned vial, surmising that its blood pact was the reason Dumbledore could not face Grindelwald himself.

At his base Nurmengard Castle in Austria, Grindelwald presented Credence with a wand of his own and finally revealed to Credence his supposed true identity: Aurelius Dumbledore.