Harry: "My wand's feather came from Fawkes?"
Dumbledore: "Yes. Mr Ollivander wrote to tell me you had bought the second wand, the moment you left his shop four years ago."
— Harry learns of the origin of his wand's core.[src]

This letter was sent to Albus Dumbledore by Garrick Ollivander on 31 July, 1991. It informed Dumbledore of the sale of Harry Potter's wand, and the fact that the wand in question was the twin of Tom Riddle's wand, containing as its core a feather from Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes, one of only two donated by that particular phoenix.

As such, Dumbledore was informed of the nature of Harry Potter's wand before Harry had even set foot in Hogwarts. With this knowledge, he was also able to swiftly realise the basics of what had happened when Harry revealed that he and Lord Voldemort had directed their wands against each other during the Duel in Little Hangleton; that some form of Cedric Diggory and other victims of Voldemort must have appeared as a sort of "reverse-echo" from Voldemort's wand.[1]


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