The fruit bat is one of the two major classifications of bat, so named because they eat solely fruit and/or nectar.[1] Fruit bats were among the varieties of bat that could be found around the grounds of Hogwarts Castle.[2] The Ballycastle Bats had a fruit bat named Barny as their team mascot, who also featured in Butterbeer advertisements.[3]

In the summer of 1992, after being locked up in The Smallest Bedroom, Harry Potter noted glumly to himself that "Now that the Dursleys knew they weren't going to wake up as fruit bats, he had lost his only weapon."[4]

Behind the scenes


Fruit bat as seen in the film adaptation of The Philosopher's Stone

  • In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, during the entry into Diagon Alley, a fruit bat was briefly seen hanging and crawling around a pole near Magical Menagerie (presumably it was being sold as a potential pet).


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