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French National Quidditch team

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The French National Quidditch Team is the team that represents France for international Quidditch tournaments. The team is comprised primarily of women, and they play in pale blue robes on white brooms.

Team Special Move

Spiral France QWC

Mallard swings on her broom in their team move

Their Team Special Move, the Blitzen Ballet, involves a lot of spinning, and plays out as follows: Chasers Marat and Mallard pass the quaffle, then Mallard swings across to Chaser Lafarge's broom as Mallard passes the Quaffle to Marat, who scores while the opposing Keeper is distracted.


French National Quidditch Stadium

French Stadium.

The French Quidditch Stadium resembles the Palace of Versailles, with opulent gardens covering the field.


French National Team
Mathilde Mallard Josephine Marat Hildegarde Lafarge
  Alain Lacroix Ninon Saucet  
Keeper Seeker
Bastien Janvier Cybèle Peltier


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